Monday, March 10, 2014

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory : Harrison Hot Springs

After finishing breakfast at Chuck & Kitty's, I was craving for something sweet and head to Rocky Mountain. The man working at the front was friendly as well as welcoming, and offered us a sample of their maple fudge. I grew up frequently visiting Rocky Mountain, especially for their caramel popcorn! However, isn't it weird that I never tried their caramel apples?! It must be a Chinese thing… my parents never wanted me to try one when I was younger, and now that I am older, I do not care for them. I like my fruit simple, with no yogurt, melted chocolate or caramel.

Despite this amazing photo, I was freezing LOL and my hand could not stop shaking. The frozen yogurt has a light mango taste, however, there is a stronger as well as more flavourful peach taste that I am not a fan of. Oh well, my fault for being picky and eliminating more than half the options since I do not like chocolate or fudge ice cream!

I love hedgehog chocolates, especially from Purdy's! Charlie's Chocolate Factory would be my second favourite. Despite not being in a chocolate mood, I ordered six thinking that they would come in a box… but a paper bag is more than reasonable. Although I would have rather ate them at home though than think the chocolate would get crushed in the bag.

The interior of the white chocolate hedgehogs are surprisingly, well, not white chocolate! The chocolate tastes smooth, not overly sweet and a bit soft. In a way, the filling resembles fudge. For the milk chocolate, the filling tastes the same but slightly heavier.

- Friendly staff

- A mango ice cream option would have been better than the yogurt

- Copy me and take an awesome photo with the mountains :)

Food: 2.5/5
Service: N/A

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