Sunday, November 9, 2014

Northern Meixi 山東拉麵

An Instagram friend mentioned that Xu's Wonton House was "gone" and confirmed with "Yeah it's gone now!", but I did not believe her. How could Xu's be out of business? So after finishing an errand in Vancouver and still hungry because we did not eat much of the unappealing dim sum at Red Star, we rushed to Crystal Mall. When we arrived, turns out the food stall was only closed for the day! Geezus, was she trying to give me a heart attack?

Since we still needed a small snack to prevent spoiling our appetite for dinner, we decided to try a food stall that sells dim sum along with freshly made noodles. Well, actually BF wanted to try this place and I was more like… the food will not be good. I swear, some people really have a sixth sense regarding food. As he was ordering, he asked the owner if the xiao long bao tastes juicy and I thought that was a stupid question. Not because XLBs should always taste juicy and he was asking an obvious question, but more on the grounds that I find it rude to ask in case the buns are not juicy. However, the owner responded, "Yes! Of course! Juicy!" and he saw my eyes light up. I even accentually blurted out, "Wow! Good!" because I was shocked and believed him.

Rating: -5/5.
Immediately after paying, I saw the owner's wife grabbing a steamer of XLB from the fridge and was thinking what have we done? This will not be good. Pre-made and sitting the fridge XLB? I am fine with generic frozen ones, but am of course selective when it comes to XLB that a business has to offer.

As for the taste, the XLB tastes like how it looks - thick and gummy. The dough is disturbingly chewy, dry, slightly sticky and just not pleasant. As for the pork, the meat tastes salty (not overwhelmingly), gritty and dry, but there is a dash of a wine flavour.

Rating: 0/5.
Similar to the XLB, the skin is exactly the same and tastes thick. The food stall specializes in handmade noodles and the dough for the XLB along with the dumplings, are the same as what they use for the noodles! Why would a business not put more effort in considering Xu's is literally at the other end of the food court? Charging less prices too!

Furthermore, previously frozen meat is used rather than fresh so the dumplings taste bland. There is no flavour whatsoever except for a heavy soy sauce and the meat tastes dry.

TOTAL: $9.50.

- Made to order noodles

- Horrible XLB and dumplings
- No dumplings or XLB should ever be made from the same dough as noodles

Food: 0/5
Service: N/A

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  1. Should've gotten their noodles. They pull them fresh to order.



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