Monday, April 13, 2015

Blossom Teas

Blossom Teas is situated in a residential area in North Burnaby, next to Mountain Shadow Pub. Most people only know of Blossom Teas if they live in North Burnaby or by word of mouth. The bubble tea establishment offers an extensive menu from real fruit smoothies, ice cream and yogurt shakes, ice shave, coffee and tea lattes to dessert.

The atmosphere at Blossom Teas is very homey and non-rushed (although the place was not busy when we arrived). There is a fair amount of tables, a sofa, and even a couple of Japanese dart machines. The only reason I chose to visit Blossom Teas is because they offer shaved frozen yogurt! I am not a fan of shaved ice at all because shaved milk/snow ice is way better. Way. Better!

Rating: 3/5.
Blossom Teas offers four flavours of shaved frozen yogurt (original, strawberry, matcha and mango), but only original and mango were available so of course I went for the latter. You can also choose four toppings between tapioca pearls, coconut jelly, grass jelly, mango stars, mini mochi, oreo chunks, red bean, lychee, strawberry sauce, passion fruit jam, matcha and ice cream for an additional $1.00 (matcha, mango, vanilla).

For my choice of toppings, I selected the grass jelly, lychee, mini mochi and condensed milk. The nice medium sized chunks of grass jelly taste fresh, but fairly bland and not sweet (which I am fine with… but would prefer some sweetness). The lychee on the other hand, tastes slightly sweet and is a good quality. I prefer this brand of canned lychee more than Tropika's. As for the mini mochi, it tastes a touch rubbery and not as soft as fresh mochi.

Moving towards the highlight, the shaved mango yogurt is not as good as I expected. Usually shaved snow or snow ice (condensed milk) has plenty of feathery layers and tastes light and fluffy, like eating air. But the frozen yogurt has a syrupy texture and is more compressed instead of light along with fluffy. It is still better than shaved ice I guess… but I prefer that light fluffy texture more.

MATCHA MATCHA AVOCADO, "Pure matcha, avocado, 2% milk, organic palm sugar" ($5.50).
Rating: 3.5/5.
The Matcha Matcha Avocado has a creamy and thick consistency, without tasting icy one bit. There is plenty of avocado along with matcha flavour and the smoothie tastes neither bitter nor too sweet. The avocado flavour is stronger though which sort of balances out because the smoothie includes a scoop of matcha ice cream. The drink also comes with a Midi Matcha Pocky!

MOLTEN GRASS JELLY DESSERT "Homemade grass jelly soup served piping hot with chewy taro and sweet potato balls, tapioca pearls and red bean" ($6.55).
Rating: 2.5/5.
On a revisit, I made a stop here before going out for dinner because I had a mad craving for this hot dessert! The hot dessert soup has a rich grass jelly flavour and a mild controlled level of sweetness. There is a choice between having this "milky" which includes cream and a drizzle of condensed milk, or "non-milky" which includes a logan honey drizzle. The cashier never asked me which version I wanted, so I assume I have the milky variation?

As for the ingredients, the taro and sweet potato balls are extremely rubbery and inedible. I am not sure what "粿圓" are called in English, but the balls are sort of like a bouncier version of mochi and are made from actual taro and sweet potato. These only taste good when they are made fresh and are horrible when served after freezing, which is the case here. The pearls however, taste very fresh and perfectly cooked!  The pearls have a soft chewiness, light bounce and a hint of sweetness.

Blossom Teas uses fresh and quality ingredients (excluding the 粿圓, sweet potato and taro balls) and the prices are reasonable. There are not many bubble tea establishments in North Burnaby too and for those in the area, it is definitely worth a visit and is better choice than Bubble World.

- Comfortable atmosphere
- Some of the staff are friendly
- Very little bubble tea restaurants in North Burnaby

- Some items can improve

Food: 3/5
Service: N/A

#23-7198 Barnet Road Burnaby, BC V5A 1C9
Telephone (604) 294-4100

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