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Milestones : Coquitlam location

Would you believe that I have never been to any Milestones restaurant before?! Cactus Club, Joey and The Keg have always been my preferred chain restaurants and for some reason Milestones has never really appealed to me. The same goes with Moxie's.

Like many chain establishments, Milestones can hold a large capacity of diners and there are are plenty of booth seating arrangements. The service for a chain restaurant was surprisingly disappointing though. The hostesses did not appear friendly and it was hard to find servers, especially during a slow dinner service. On two occasions.

Rating: 3.5/5
So on the first occassion, we ordered these amazing wings and unfortunately they are no longer on the menu! We were disappointed to discover the wings were gone on our revisit becuase they were delicious! The wings arrived fresh off the fryer, exhibited a crunchy batter and tasted moist. In addition, the wings were flavourful and the seasoning was on point. I wonder why Milestones removed this off them menu?!

Rating: 2.5/5
Another item that Milestones no longer offers is the Sicilian mussels. The garlicky wine broth tasted light and had as mild creaminess, it was actually not too bad. Neither salty nor bland. The mussels on the other hand were overcooked, some tasted chewy and a few even rubbery. This was a shame since the broth itself was a 3/5.

10oz NEW YORK STRIPLOIN ($31.50)
Rating: 2.5/5
The steak is aged for 35 days and includes a side of vegetables (zucchini, onion, bell peppers) and a baked potato with sour cream and chives. The side of vegetables were not that great, overcooked and salty. The baked potato however was fresh, buttery and did not taste dry. There was also a generous amount of real cheddar.

As for the highlight, the New York steak was executed to a perfect medium rare as requested and tasted juicy. Also despite the lack of a charred exterior, the quality of steak was better than Joey and Mr.Mikes in my opinion.

Rating: 3/5
Surprisingly a dish that tasted better than we expected was the short rib, which was fairly flavourful. The au jus did not overwhelm, was not salty, and the short rib was mostly tender throughout. Just a touch stringy where the leaner meat was. As for the same vegetable side as the steak, it was not that great. The buttermilk mashed potatoes were very bland, dry and not buttery at all too.

Rating: 1.5/5
Another dish that is no longer available on Milestones menu is the butternut squash ravioli. I only wanted to order this because Cactus Clubs' butternut squash ravioli is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Milestones' ravioli just had too much going on...  The heavy tomato sauce tasted one note and overwhelmed the flavour of the butternut squash rather than complimented. As for the goat cheese and spicy glazed pecans, I liked them on its own and felt it did not really add anything to the ravioli. The ravioli itself however was good, cooked al dente and had a rich butternut squash filling.

I was disappointed with Milestones overall because of the overcooked mussels and vegetables, lack of char on the steak, and the heavy but one note tomato sauce for the ravioli. Milestones did not have that "wow" factor to any of the dishes excluding the wings and when considering the same price point as Cactus Club, Joey or The Keg, the aforementioned chain restaurants provide better food. In regards to the service, it was very non-chain restaurant. By non-chain restaurant, I mean that no one checked up on us or provided drink refills.

There was a revisit however because for those who know the Coquitlam dining scene well, there are not many restaurants to visit. But honestly it was because of Milestones new menu that lured me in, they had me at the words crab lettuce wraps and butternut squash ravioli with crab sauce!

Rating: 2/5
1.5oz Smirnoff No.21 vodka, fresh citrus, Mott's clamato, horseradish, traditional spices, 8 spice rim, skewer of pickled vegetables. The caesar was on the watery side, but you could taste the spices.

CRAB LETTUCE WRAPS, Crab, citrus Asian slaw, pineapple aioli serviced in crisp romaine leaves ($11.75)
Rating: 1/5
This appetizer was very messy to eat as the leaves did not hold well and were floppy so realistically only half the amount of ingredients remained in the leaf and there was not much crab meat to begin with. There was an abundant amount of crispy noodles compared to the crab meat too, which overwhelmed the taste and texture of the wraps. I mean you could feel the texture of the crab meat, but there was no flavour and the ingredients tasted bland. This is overpriced and poorly executed in my opinion.

Rating: 1/5
Consisting of red and golden beets, wild baby arugula, kale, quiona, blueberries,  goat cheese, spiced pecans and fig balsamic vinaigrette, the sloppy presentation did not make the salad look appealing. They had me at beets and goat cheese, but there was such a small portion of the latter. Moreover, the consistency of the overly sweet fig balsamic vinaigrette resembled syrup. The beets however were well cooked and I enjoyed, especially since I had a craving.

Rating: 2.5/5
Prime rib at Milestones is supposedly a signature dish and sells out fast, so of course we had to order this. I believe the prime rib was sold out the first time we came here too. The prime rib is served with herb jus, creamed horseradish, crisp buttermilk onion strings, seasonal vegetables and choice of mashed potatoes, golden fries or quinoa pilaf (mashed potatoes in this case). The prime rim was more medium than medium rare (we requested for medium rare) and the steak tasted dry as well as chewy, including the fattier portions. The mashed potatoes however tasted very buttery and delicious! For the same price though, of course The Keg is a better choice for prime rib in my opinion.

Rating: 2/5
With an alluring description of crab sauteed in a lobster butter sauce tossed with pan fried butternut squash ravioli, red onions, roasted mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, I honestly went out of my way just to revisit Milestones! The ravioli however was not very good as it was overcooked and soft rather than al dente.

On top of that, there was a heavy tomato base once again (not as bad as the first visits' of course) and not much of a crab or lobster flavour at all! The ravioli is very overpriced when you factor in the lack of quality and poor execution, especially when considering $19.75 is the same price as what good Italian restaurants have to offer.

In the end, I will probably never visit Milestones again. I mean to be honest, I have considered trying a different location based on convenience such as when I am Downtown and literally do not know what to eat.. but what are the actual dishes that are above average?

- Wings were really good!
- Better quality steak than Joey and Mr.Mikes

- Food is not that great
- Lack of service at this location
- Long waits during peak hours like most chain establishments

2745 Barnet Highway Coquitlam, BC V3E 1K9
Telephone (604) 552-7983

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