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My gym membership is located in Richmond and I dread looking for a post work out meal (especially when dining alone!) because the city offers a vast selection of Chinese, Shanghainese, Szechuan and Korean restaurants, AKA delicious food but not the best option health conscious/sodium wise. Most of the time after an early work out I feel like eating on the healthier side too and how much food can one order at an Asian restaurant? Although at the same time, I don't want something as healthy as Japanese food since I usually crave for beef and chicken rather than seafood after a work out. The life of a high maintenance diner is complicated isn't it?

So when Goodbowl reached out to me, I was excited to give them a try once I found out their eatery is all about fresh and high quality produce. We are talking about AAA Angus beef, free run and hormone free chicken, and Sukura pork!

Goodbowl is located in Richmond on Alderbridge Way and Garden City Road, in the same plaza with Walmart Supercentre. Their concept is you build your own bowl (Kid's $6.95, Regular $9.95 and Large $12.95) with your choice of rice (jasmine, harvest or wild rice) or noodles, select your vegetables, pick your protein, choose your sauce, and watch your food cook in front of you. It's very similar to Mongolian style cooking, but a ton healthier considering the quality, amount of vegetables, and their specialty sauces (which are actually healthy).

What I love about Goodbowl is that you get an UNLIMITED amount of vegetables, whatever fits in the bowl is yours. I love my vegetables and when I hear the word unlimited, I go crazy.

Their selection of protein includes AAA Certified Angus beef, free run/grain fed/ hormone free chicken, Sakura pork, and tofu. Adding a free run egg will cost $1.95, prawns $3.95, or extra meat $2.95 (regular bowl) and $3.95 (large bowl). The prices here are very reasonable.

Asides from fresh and high quality produce, Goodbowl stands out because their sauces are created by Chuck Currie. He is known for his work with Cactus Club, Earl's, Joeys and Whitespot.

GOOD WATER ($2.95)

Refillable still or sparkling water infused with pineapple, cucumber and oranges. Light and refreshing.


Starting with the chicken salad, it's currently a trial item at Goodbowl and I hope it's here to stay! Loaded with oranges, apples and pears along with broccoli, red peppers and spinach, it's definitely packed with vitamins. The well caramelized chicken tastes juicy and I personally eat my salads with no dressing, which works as long as you have the right ingredients in my opinion.

Having salads with no dressing is also recommended by Goodbowl to promote healthier eating. There is a dressing for those who consider it a must need though, a light zesty tangy ginger vinaigrette.


Now onto the stir frys and off the current Top 5 mixes is the Big Shawn's, a sauce consisting of Thai red curry, Hunan and coconut lime leaf. The fluffy wild rice soaks up the delicious creamy curry and exhibits a hint of tanginess and spiciness. The juicy chicken is also well cooked and seasoned (sesame oil, kosher salt and Madagascar pepper), and the perfectly fried egg has a nice crispiness on the bottom. I highly recommend the Big Shawn's mix. And to add an egg.


Another sauce off the current Top 5 is AJ's mix, which contains teriyaki, chipotle coconut and Hunan. There is a medium level of spiciness, juicy chicken once again, and you can really taste the coconut. AJ's mix is another one of my favourites. The noodles taste really good as well as creamy and I love how there is a plentiful amount of vegetables!


Canada meets the far East with Japanese miso, maple syrup and a hit of chilli and garlic. The smokey and caramelized beef has a medium level of spiciness and this is the spiciest dish out of the four (keep in mind we asked for 2 hot peppers for every plate). The miso flavour is a bit lost in the dish and I would have liked some more sweetness from the maple if anything, but keep in mind Goodbowl focuses on healthy eats.


The teriyaki sauce was recommended and at first I was hesitant because it can get extremely sweet, including at authentic Japanese restaurants. In this case however, Goodbowl's teriyaki sauce is very light, consisting of 70% real pineapple juice (not from concentrate). Pair a light teriyaki sauce along with another perfectly fried egg, a variety of vegetables and wild rice, makes a healthy and satisfying dish. The beef is a touch dry here compared to The Miso Maple beef, but still good nevertheless.


Continuing the theme of healthy eats, Goodbowl offers cold pressed juices! Pressed to order.

Sometimes fresh pressed juices can taste flat, but the ones here don't. I don't often get juices because I have a juicer at home and make my own concoctions, but at $5.95/juice the price is very reasonable. They also offer $3.95 antioxidant Pomegranate shots.

ENERGY BITES ($1.25/1, 3/$2.95, 6/$4.95)

Ending the healthy meal with some energy bites, these are made with oats, natural peanut butter, flax seed, chocolate chips, honey and chia seeds. I would recommend getting these on the go as a healthy snack or to reduce your stomach hungers throughout the day.

Overall I enjoyed Goodbowl. From the open atmosphere, properly executed and quality food to the great prices, it'll definitely be a go to for me after a work out in Richmond.

- Food is actually healthy
- Fresh and high quality produce
- Prices are reasonable

- Not for those who are used to heavy meals

*Beverages and food were compensated*

1630 - 4791 Mcclelland Road Richmond, BC V6X 0M5
Telephone (604) 244-0766

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