Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mango Yummy

After having dinner at Shanghai House, we headed to Mango Yummy to try their Mango Sago for the Chinese Restaurant Awards. Like many dessert restaurants, Mango Yummy is fairly small restaurant and the seating arrangements are cramped. There are a couple of tables and a few chairs outside for when the weather permits however.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Shanghai House Restaurant 上海人家

This year I was invited by Rae Kung from Chinese Restaurant Awards to be a judge on the Social Media Choice Awards panel and to join Jesse Tsao, Cathy Zhou and Sherman Chan. The five dishes we are seeking to find the best of in Vancouver consist of Sichuan Water Boiled Fish, Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice, Hong Kong Style Roast Duck, Shanghai Style Drunken Chicken and Mango Sago with Grapefruit/Pomelo. So for our first meet up, the choice of restaurant was Shanghai House. 

Shanghai House attempts to offer a nicer atmosphere compared to many Chinese restaurants where the staff wears black and white, the seating arrangements are not entirely too crowded and there are chair covers.


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