Thursday, October 2, 2014

Frappe Bliss

Frappe Bliss is one of the very few (as in perhaps less than five) dessert shops in Vancouver that offers shaved milk rather than ice shave. Shaved milk originated from Taiwan and has a very light, fluffy and feathery texture. There are plenty of flavours such as mango, matcha, milk, strawberry and peanut, compared to a generic "snow cone" which is just plain ice.

The thing is, the service here is disgusting. On a rainy day with no customers, we walked up to a miserable looking owner who did not even bother saying "hello" or acknowledging us. I am always more understanding if a business is busy and the staff is tired out, but when there is not one single person in line? And it is the owners? If it was not for our craving, we would have walked away. On top of that, the presentation is sloppy, the ingredients are not fresh and she even tossed the bill along with the stamp card at us. Who does that? When is there ever a need to toss something? Oh yeah, the price ain't cheap.

SHAVED MILK ($3.00), MANGO ($1.00), LYCHEE ($1.00), MATCHA ICE CREAM ($1.50) AND CHEWY RICE BALLS ($1.00).
Beginning with the shaved milk, the texture is fluffy, light and melts in the mouth. But what is with the horrible presentation? The owner clearly does not even give a crap about the product she is selling. As for the cubes of mango, the fruit tastes crunchy, hard and not ripe. However, fortunately the food stall uses canned lychee so no problems there regarding the quality. I also like the slices of lychee rather than the use of whole ones, although my friend prefers whole lychees.

Continuing along, the rice balls taste old, stiff as well as hard, rather than soft and chewy. The best thing about the shaved milk is the matcha ice cream because I like the brand. The matcha ice cream has a rich green tea flavour and tastes creamy, not bitter or dry.

TOTAL: $7.90.

Our original plan was to share an order and try a different flavour after we finished, but for the quality and price? Not worth it. The container is very shallow and there was practically no milk shave! Furthermore, the sloppy presentation along with a rude owner and two poor ingredients? Forget it. The food rating is a 1/5 and the one point is for the shaved milk. The ice cream scoop was so small too.

- Shaved milk/snow ice rather than ice shave

- Rude owner
- Old rice balls
- Careless presentation
- Expensive for what it is
- Stingy business compared to before

Food: 1/5
Service: -5/5

Frappe Bliss 雪花冰 on Urbanspoon

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