Friday, October 3, 2014

Yougo Chicken (2nd visit)

Needing a snack and already at Aberdeen Centre, my first and immediate choice was Yougo Chicken. The food stall serves plenty of Taiwanese snacks and I go for my favourites, which are the deep fried goodies.

The nuggets are not nice meaty pieces but the dark meat does taste tender and juicy. There is also a great five spice and peppery seasoning going on and the meat has a nice crisp exterior. However, I was not a fan of the skin attached.

As for the pork chop, yeah… I am disappointed. The cook did not even bother thoroughly breading the darn thing so the pork chop lacks that nice crisp exterior. I was actually pretty sad because the food stall specializes in Taiwanese snacks and this is a very popular one! Furthermore, the oil was not hot enough before the chop was thrown in and the meat tastes very oily.

Regardless, this is a quality pork chop and the meat does not taste dry or chewy. The chop could have tasted more tender, but the lack of breading and heavy oiliness already made me give up.

TOTAL: $11.05.

Sometimes I wonder why businesses in the food industry are inconsistent or do not perform to their full abilities. I always understand if a business is busy or backed up but it is always puzzling during a slow period or even worse, dead. The photo of the food stall is from my first visit and on the revisit there was no one in line. With that being said, the food was made to order and took quite a while… but why couldn't the dishes be better? I mean… the pork chop is such a basic item. As for the chicken, I like the meatier pieces from my first visit more.

- Only food stall in Aberdeen that serves Taiwanese snacks

- Lazy job on the pork chop (2/5)

Food: 2.5/5
Service: N/A 

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