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Stepho's Souvlaki Greek Taverna : Robson Location

Back in high school, my sister raved about a restaurant on Davie Street and dragged my parents and I out there. My sister could not stop yapping about Dad's Root Beer and the large portions of food at Stepho's Souvlaki Greek Taverna. I do not remember much about that dinner other than my father being mad because he received a chipped plate along with dirty cutlery, and everyone excluding my sister found the food mediocre. But Stepho's must be doing something right because they have opened a second location on Robson Street.

The layout of the restaurant resembles a home and there are different rooms to be seated in. I do not understand why we were seated along the wall in a busy hallway though, despite that there were window seats available. I also do not understand how considering the gorgeous sunny and warm weather, why none of the windows were open. The restaurant was poorly ventilated and stuffy. What I do enjoy however, is the plentiful amount of natural lighting during our lunch.

Rating: 1/5.
The calamari is served on a small plate and after trying to pierce through a piece, other pieces would fall onto the table. This is not a big deal though because the calamari tastes very rubbery and is hard to chew, so the wasted food is not considered a loss. Moreover, the batter tastes like just "seasoning salt" and majority of the calamari are not even crispy.

I mean, there are a couple of crispy pieces of calamari, but the ones on the bottom are the worst. These taste dry, rubbery and oily. As for the greek salad, it tastes fairly fresh and is well seasoned. But the tzatziki on the other hand, lacks zing along with flavour and is served warm.

Rating: 3.5/5.
Thankfully we ordered the mussels because these are delicious! The large mussels are just cooked and not a second over, tasting juicy along with plump and well rinsed. The broth tastes fairly good as well; buttery, garlicky and exhibiting a kick from the dried pepper. It could have tasted more flavourful and rich, but it is good enough for Stepho's.

Rating: 2.5/5.
The pita bread is served warm and tastes fluffy, but I would have liked some more char.

Rating: 2/5.
My friend and I remember having the roast lamb before at Stepho's on Davie Street and the meat tasted dry along with stringy, so we asked how the roast lamb was before ordering. Our server reassured us their roast lamb is amazing, guaranteeing that "you'll love it" and it is the "most tender".
She was right about one thing and the roast lamb is indeed tender (although not fork tender), but we do not love it. The roast lamb tastes extremely salty and it is the bland kind of salty, not even the flavourful kind of salty. The meat also lacks seasoning and despite being tender, it is neither juicy nor comparable to Dallas Souvlaki's (which serves the best roast lamb in my opinion). If I wanted to nitpick, I would have liked a crisp crust as well.

Rating: 2.5/5.
As for the sides, the potatoes lack a crisp exterior and only have a mild tartness. The vegetable briami however, I like. The briami tastes "clean" as in healthy and does not taste too tomatoey. There are carrots which taste tender while remaining a nice bite, along with green beans and celery. The plentiful amount of rice pilaf is also average, including generic frozen vegetables and lacking flavour.

Rating: 3/5.
I like how our server was 100% honest with us because before ordering the lamb chops, I asked if the meat tastes dry and she said, "they can be". 
The chops are cooked to a medium rare as requested but some of them are creeping towards medium well, which is fine because the lamb does not taste dry nor chewy one bit. The meat tastes tender and the quality is surprisingly not bad, better than Simba's Grill for sure. The chops are a touch salty however, but not as bad as the roast lamb. There is also a lack of seasoning but the lamb does not taste too gamey one bit. Our server also mentioned it was my lucky day because the chops are usually a lot smaller.

TOTAL: $54.10 + TIP $7.90 = $62.00.

Stepho's on Robson Street surprised me because the food tasted better than I expected, excluding the calamari. But the food overall lacks seasoning and tastes salty rather than flavourful. The greek salads are very fresh however and the mussels are pretty good! With regards to the service, the staff were not friendly when we arrived or after we seated and we had a crappy seat, but our server was friendly after we ordered. I like how she mentioned there is an extra charge for drink refills too. The bartender who also delivered our appetizers had no problems asking the kitchen to delay our entrees. We were not planning to ask if the entrees can be delayed but considering that Stepho's is a casual restaurant, we can only blame ourselves if I have to complain that our table was too small to fit all the dishes.

- Great mussels
- Friendly staff
- Better food than we expected
- Food is better than the location on Davie street

- Stuffy restaurant
- Rubbery calamari
- Food needs less salt and more seasoning
- Price to portion ratio is not much cheaper or larger than other Greek restaurants

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 3/5

1359 Robson Street Vancouver, BC V6E 1C6
Telephone(604) 685-9977
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  1. indeed I wouldn't give any star , we have been regular customers for 10 years , Robson location has the worst rude staff , very negative attitude, bad customer service ,they argue with you on every thing , they ask for more tips
    food is getting expensive waiting time is very long and they don't respect their words , yesterday we went for dinner with our friends we asked for a table for 6 people the server said you need to wait (at least) one hour , we said its rainy and cold we will go for a walk and come back she said that's fine, after around 45 minutes we came back she was rude enough to tell us that we have to wait another hour because there was a table for 6 but she gave it to some body else because we weren't there (you have to wait here) she said in a very rude attitude!!
    we told her that we were clear that we will leave and come back soon and she oked that , we asked for a supervisor , she brought one of her colleagues who was as rude as she was he supported her , we confirmed to them that they are losing a regular customers , they answered (who cares!! do you think we are in need for customers we are full every day)
    I still can't believe that they said that ,the worst customer service ever
    They ruined our mood
    we and all our friends are done with this restaurant, there is a lot of other good food restaurants with great customer services



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