Thursday, January 23, 2014

Aussie Pie Guy

Not a fan of starting a post without much to write about, since, well, it will be boring. However, I justify this post despite the lack of content because I will be revising Aussie Pie Guy to try every pie available! What can I say? This cute little dinky pie and friendly staff sold me. Something so small such as having a smile on your face honestly lures back most customers, just like that. Would I bother coming back if the pie tastes average and the staff is "meh"? Na. The staff did not even have to do anything… they were just normal and friendly, surprisingly something that most people cannot be.

MINI APPLE PIE, THE AUSSIE WAY. ORGANIC BC APPLES AND CINNAMON WITH A LAYER OF CREAMY VANILLA CUSTARD ($4.00). The pie is served hot and has a properly made crust. The crust has nice thin flaky layers and does not taste too doughy. For the filling, the apples are chopped in medium sized chunks without tasting mushy, has a nice tart taste and a hint of cinnamon. I did not really taste the vanilla custard though. The mini size pie is around the size of the palm of a hand.

- Fast and simple snack
- Flaky crust
- Friendly girls

- Pricy

- Despite knowing the pies may be overpriced and only average, I still want to try the other ones 

Food: 2.5/5
Service: N/A

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