Monday, September 1, 2014

Kingsway Deli

Kingsway Deli is a Vietnamese shop that offers banh mi, dessert, hot deli and cold drinks such as shakes, milk tea and fresh fruit smoothies. As for the banh mi, I am loyal to Ba Le and have never been to Kingsway Deli before.

There is a large variety of subs which include cold cut meat, meat balls, shredded pork, pork belly, tofu, chicken, grilled pork, Vietnamese ham as well as shredded and deep fried, banana leaf ham and minced pork. In addition, Kingsway Deli offers spring rolls, salad rolls and beef balls. As for the hot deli, the selection included marinated eggs, bitter melon and preserved vegetables.

The bread tastes great, very crusty, airy and fresh. As for the shredded pork, there is more skin than meat and with a skimpy portion of pate, the banh mi is a bit on the drier side. Furthermore, the jalapeños seem to be forgotten but there is cucumber, pickled carrot as well as daikon, and cilantro. The shredded pork at Kingsway Deli would not be my first choice because there needs to be a good amount of pate or fish sauce so the sub does not taste dry.

As for my friend's, he went for the grilled pork with extra extra pork belly. The lady who assembled his banh mi did not forget the jalapeños and even cut the sub in half for him. I guess the lady who assembled mine was just lazy… :(.

As for the taste, the sub is a lot better than mine and not dry (because of the choice of meat). The pork belly as well as the grilled pork tastes tender, the jalapeños provide a nice spiciness, and the pickled vegetables along with the cilantro tastes refreshing. However, the pate is a bit on the lighter side as well and there could have been more for that nice extra flavour.

Kingsway Deli's highlight is definitely the bread, crunchy on the outside and airy on the inside. As for the staff, everyone is friendly!

- Crusty and airy bread (3.5/5)
- Made to order (like many shops)

- There could be more pate

- Paying extra for additional meat is worth it

Food: 2.5/5
Service: N/A

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