Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mega Donair

Mega Donair is located in Port Moody and appears to be a small mom n' pop operation; the husband oversees the kitchen while the wife handles the front of the house. The shop offers donairs, falafels, platters, salads, hummus and samosas.

Something interesting to point out is that Mega Donair makes their own pita bread from scratch, to order! The bread is an important component for donairs, but personally I care more about the meat and sauces.

After selecting our choice of meat, we went for all the toppings and sauces available to see how Mega Donair makes their donairs. The selection of toppings include lettuce, tomato, cucumber and spicy carrot. As for the sauces, hummus, tzatziki, sweet sauce and hot sauce are available.

Starting with the fresh pita bread, it is easy to chew but could have been cooked longer for a fluffier taste and to hold the ingredients better. As for the chicken, the meat tastes dry, powdery, and has been sitting in the warmer for too long. Furthermore, the sauces are disappointing. The tzatziki does not taste flavourful enough and the sweet sauce resembles a sweet plum sauce. 

At first, I assumed Mega Donair served a traditional Halifax sweet sauce because there is a sign posted that they offer Halifax style donairs, but the sauce does not resemble it one bit. In addition, the hot sauce is a generic rooster sauce and I assumed it would have been housemade. Okay, my expectations were too high but for a donair shop to make fresh pita bread to order, why not the sauces? There are a few good donair shops because of their tasty meat along with housemade sauces, and do not even make fresh bread.

As for the beef, there is not much flavour nor is the meat caramelized. However, the meat tastes tender and has a slight saltiness (in a good way). Also, we requested for extra sauce on the beef donair but the tzatziki really does not taste flavourful. Furthermore as a personal preference, neither of us are fans of the spicy carrot and found it too crunchy. Although to some, may like the extra crunch in a donair.

Mega Donair does not offer samosa dipping sauces and when I inquired, they do offer tzatziki. However, I enjoyed them as-is for a "clean" eat. The samosas have a crispy flaky crust and a simple peppery seasoning. The flavours are very light as well as healthy, and the filling is neither dry nor too chunky. There is also a subtle sweetness from the peas. 

TOTAL: $20.60.

Overall, the meats taste dry and the sauces are not flavourful. However, the owners are very friendly as well as inviting, and we even felt guilty for tossing the donairs. Having said that, I really wanted to revisit and give Mega Donair another try because of the humble owners. I considered about being specific when ordering such as no carrot, extra tzatziki and request if the meat could be sliced off the vertical spit. Perhaps if I was more selective the donairs may have tasted better, but I never had time for the revisit. If anything, I enjoyed the samosas (especially the crust) and found them great fillers. In addition, I love the idea of fresh bread made to order and really, not many people are picky about donairs. Donairs are a good snack and fill the tummy.

- Friendly owners
- Housemade fresh pita bread
- Nice interior and one of the few sit-down donair shops

- Meats are dry
- Sauces could be more tasty

- Stamp card system!
- $8.00 for a super donair and pop

Food: 2/5 (samosas 2.5/5)
Service: N/A

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