Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tung Hing Bakery 同慶餅家

After a long disgusting sweaty game of basketball, we were already running late for a double date and needed to get home fast. But, I was really hungry so took the opportunity to grab a quick snack. Tung Hing is a popular Vietnamese bakery that sells Asian baked goodies and banh mi.

This is also BFs favourite place for banh mi and he is not even a fan of bread, sandwiches or subs. Something about him having too much when he was a child… to the extent that he even gets full just looking at bread! Weird. Tung Hing's baked goodies range from a variety of buns to sesame balls, Chinese donuts and butter croissants.

As for the Vietnamese subs, it is BFs favourite place because he likes to see the preparation. Tung Hing offers the house special, meatball, vegetarian, honey garlic sausage, shredded garlic chicken and lemon grass chicken banh mi. The prices are pretty average and run from $3.50 to $3.95.

The custard bun tastes stale and not baked the day of. The bun tastes very dry and there is a bit of a bitter flavour because the bottoms are slightly over baked.

As for the custard, the filling is not dried up and tastes slightly sweet. But regardless, this is one of the worst custard buns I ever had. The bread just tastes extremely dry and is not soft, resembling something I left out for a couple of days and decided to finally eat.

HOT DOG ($0.90).
The buns on the hot dog taste a lot better, a little sweet and not as dry nor stiff compared to the custard bun. However, the bun does lack that nice fluffiness and tastes a day old as well. As for the chicken hot dog, generic with no complaints.

The bread has a crackly crust and the crumb is soft, but I personally prefer Kingsway Deli's (next door) more. Kingsway Deli's bread tastes crustier, lighter and more airy.
As for the shredded chicken, the meat tastes dry and there are so much vegetables that the flavour is overwhelmed. About the vegetables though, there is a tasty pickled flavour and provides a nice crunch (although a bit too much crunch...). I also wonder why the jalapeño was forgotten? Well, neither the meat nor the banh mi is the highlight but the pate along with the mayonnaise butter tastes great and not salty.

As for his, the house special includes two types of cold cut pork and pork belly. Also with the extra slices of pork belly, the banh mi tastes a lot better. The cold cuts tastes moist and the additional slices of pork belly make a huge difference. The pork belly provided a nice fattiness and more flavour in the sub… way better than mine.

- Visible preparation area
- One of the better pork deli meats

- Bakery items taste old (1/5)
- Staff is a bit aggressive
- Despite asking for the subs to be cut, they were not

- Tastier pate (which is a deal breaker to me) than Kingsway Deli
- Bread at Kingsway Deli (which is also a deal breaker to me) is better
- I still prefer Ba Le or Kim Chau and would probably even give Kingsway Deli another try because I like their bread and the staff is friendly
- No photos are allowed (usually it is because there has been an error before and the business does not want any mistakes to be captured)

Food: 2/5 (house special 3.5/5)
Service: N/A

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