Monday, December 15, 2014

Dallas Pizza & Souvlaki

Saying there is a lack of Greek cuisine restaurants on my blog is an understatement because by "lack of", there is currently only one. In addition, the only "one" happens to be Dallas Pizza & Souvlaki! Throughout my SFU years, I spent quite a fair time trying to find the best donair joints along with Greek restaurants serving up roast lamb. This was harder than it sounds and I soon discovered that the higher the price, the heavier the fall.

Formerly known as "Dallas 2 For 1 Pizza & Souvlaki", the family run business moved a couple of units down to a larger retail space. The interior is nicely renovated and looks less like a typical fast food joint. But more importantly, the interior is very clean too.

My go-to item at Dallas & Souvlaki is their roast lamb, which takes around fifteen to twenty minutes to prepare because the rice, pita bread and potatoes are made to order. Since we were starving after an abs and leg day, we had to try a couple of slices of pizza while we waited. The selection on our visit included pepperoni, hawaiian and cheese.

I chose the hawaiian which has a good amount of pineapples and a tasty tomato sauce. The large slices of ham do not taste salty or rubbery too, but the pizza was served at a room temperature (which may be expected considering the price and that it is a fast food establishment).

He went for the pepperoni which tastes better and has more flavour. Despite that the pizza was not served fresh and hot, the ingredients certainly tasted fresh. Moreover, the crust has a nice browning but is not the "airy" variation which some may prefer (me!).

We both ordered the roast lamb which includes potato, tzatziki, pita bread and usually a Greek salad but we upgraded to a Caesar. Some other items that Dallas offers include souvlaki, lamb chops, barbecued wings and ribs, along with New York Steak! I definitely want to try their other items next time.

BF usually orders a Caesar salad and I stick with the Greek, but I wanted to see what the Caesar was all about. The romaine tastes fresh with a nice crunch and despite the plentiful amount of dressing, it does not taste too heavy. The dressing is too light however and does not taste rich. As for the crunchy croutons, none of them taste soft or stale. I wish there was a bit of cheese included too, but meh. Their greek salad is better in my opinion. As for the fresh pita, the bread tastes very soft and exhibit a nice grill marks.

Finally the entree! I will start with the Greek lemon potatoes which taste very traditional. The potatoes taste soft with lots of flavour and a rich tang, while exhibiting a crispy exterior. As for the tzatziki, the yogurt tastes fresh and has a light tang along with a hint of garlic.

Mmm finally the roast lamb. The meat comes right off the bone and is fork tender. Furthermore, disposable fork tender! The kind of disposable fork that bends when picking up the softest food such as mashed potato. Back to the lamb though, there is plenty of tasty seasoning and the meat tastes very juicy. The lamb is well roasted overall, exhibits a nice crust, and not one portion of the meat tastes dry. As for the rice, it is perfectly cooked and has a light broth flavour along with a hint of lemon. I do not like my rice too lemony so this one suits me.

TOTAL: $40.95.

Dallas Pizza & Souvlaki is the only business that I currently trust with roast lamb, but of course I would like to discover other places as well (especially a restaurant). In addition, I do not use the term "hidden gem" lightly but this is definately a hidden gem.

- Friendly owners
- One of the best roast lambs
- Nice interior for a fast food joint

- It is a fast food joint (for those who care)
- As expected, pizzas in the warmer are meh

- First post on Dallas Pizza & Souvlaki [here]

Food: 4/5
Service: N/A

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  1. I ordered from here based on this blog post, and O M G, am I glad I did! I thought $17 was kinda pricey for one fast food meal, but you get so much food it's ridiculous - enough for an entire day! The roast lamb was so delicious and fresh tasting, man oh man. I thought it was kinda salty at first, but you gotta eat the crusty outer bits with the unseasoned inner parts (with a dab of tzatziki!).

    1. Yay! So glad you like this place! I still haven't found a better place for roast lamb!



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