Thursday, December 18, 2014

Motomachi Shokudo 元町食堂

Located a few doors from Kintaro and sister to the restaurant, is Motomachi Shokudo. Motomachi Shokudo focuses on "healthier" ramen by using organic ingredients (chicken, egg and vegetables) and even offers bamboo charcoal which is known to absorb toxins from the body. Our first choice was actually Kintaro but the restaurant was temporarily closed for a few days.

When we walked in, the restaurant was not busy and fortunately there was no line up! There was also no greeting from the kitchen or the front of the house staff, which is odd for a ramen joint. Motomachi Shokudo has a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, and the restaurant is not cramped compared to other ramen joints. There are three small tables, one communal, and even hooks along the concrete wall to hang purses.

BAMBOO CHARCOAL DARK MISO RAMEN, "Powdered bamboo charcoal and our rich miso soup, a healthy blend with greater depth flavour" ($10.55).
I have to admit, the bamboo charcoal ramen looks pretty cool. The photo even looks like I used a filter too, which I do not believe in using because I like seeing photos as is. As for the taste, there is a rich miso broth and a mild saltiness. The broth does not taste like 100% chicken and tastes like there are also pork bones. Further along, the egg also has a gooey yolk and is not over marinated or as salty as Marutama's. In addition, the al dente noodles have a nice chewiness and bounce.

As for the pork, the one slice provided is very thick and lean. The meat does not taste too dry however because it is lightly seared, but it is still quite chewy. Despite black garlic and bamboo charcoal being two totally different things, I like how the black garlic at Ramen Koika provided that extra flavour compared to bamboo charcoal. But meh, bamboo charcoal does have health benefits (how much can you obtain from one bowl of ramen or need...). Motomachi's broth tastes more rich too.

MISO RAMEN, "Ramen with BBQ pork sparerib in addition to our regular BBQ pork shoulder butt, for a special rich flavour" ($12.00) + SOFT BOILED LOCAL EGG ($1.50).
My friend went for the miso ramen which is automatically categorized under the "extra BBQ pork ramen". Both cuts of meat are lightly seared to bring out the flavour and the fatty pork tastes tender, with a nice snappy chewiness. As for the pork shoulder, the meat tastes tender as well and is sliced noticeably a lot thinner compared to mine. Therefore, the meat did not taste as dry.

As for the broth, there is a rich miso flavour and a mild level of fattiness. The miso flavour is stronger than the broth and the ramen lacks that creamy and velvety taste compared to Santouka's. But regardless, there is a rich tasting broth.

TOTAL: $25.25 + TIP $3.75 = $29.00.

Motomachi Shokudo is a great ramen choice for the health conscious, where the broths are milder and not salty. But for those who want a fattier and richer broth, there is Kintaro a few doors down. Furthermore, for those who want a rich and creamy broth, there is Santouka. With regards to the service, I am surprised there was no greeting upon entering or when we were leaving (including from the kitchen staff!). This is definitely a first for me at a ramen joint and our waitress looked so miserable. It felt like we were at a Chinese or Korean restaurant!

- Organic ingredients for those who care
- Only ramen joint offering bamboo charcoal
- Nice atmosphere compared to other ramen restaurants

- Meat is inconsistent
- Unwelcoming service exists at a ramen joint?

Food: 3/5
Service: 2/5

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