Monday, December 8, 2014

Tacofino White Lightning

My friend's first food truck choice was Mogu but after waiting thirty minutes, the truck never showed! We found out a few days later that Mogu stopped their services around the middle of November which explains why. So, our second choice was based on convenience when we headed to Tacofino's White Lightning Truck. Actually Tacofino was our third choice because Mr.Shawarma's food truck did not open yet.

The both of us have tried the Albacore Tuna Taco before from Tacofino's Orange Cantina Food Truck and Tacofino Commissary which we really like, but had no idea the White Lightning Truck does not offer them!  As for the selection, the food truck offers a couple of tacos, a variety of burritos, and a chocolate diablo cookie. The prices range from $5.00-$11.00 with the higher items being burritos.

PORK GRINGO GRILLED QUESADILLA, "Pulled pork, sour cream, monetary jack, cheddar" ($5.00).
Rating: 2/5.
An item that we have never tried before from Tacofino is the quesadilla. We were expecting two tortillas sandwiching the ingredients, but received one tortilla folded in half. Considering the price however, it may make sense that only one tortilla is used. The quesadilla could have been cut to look more appealing though.

As for the main ingredient, the pulled pork, the meat tastes dry and slightly stringy. The pulled pork is not that bad however because there is a good amount of cheese and sour cream. The salsa fresca also provides some moisture and a refreshing taste.

CHICKEN KARAAGE TACO, "Avocado, radish, black chilli oil, cilantro and green onion ($6.00).
Rating: 1.5/5.
Following, the chicken karaage taco is not much better. The chicken has a crisp batter and is well seasoned, but tastes very dry. Moreover, the skin is chewy and the taco could have used more guacamole. We arrived when the food truck just opened but are not sure why the chicken tasted cold too.

FISH TACO, "Crispy ling cod, cabbage, salsa fresca, chipotle mayo" ($5.00).
Rating: 3/5.
The highlight of Tacofino is the fish taco! We were very disappointed that the Albacore Tuna Taco is not available and remember from the past that that the ling cod one is just "meh". However, the fish taco tastes great. There is a light crisp batter and the fish tastes very moist. Furthermore, there is a good amount of chipotle mayo which has a hint of spiciness. There is also plenty of fresh tasting coleslaw and a refreshing taste from the tomatoes.

TOTAL: $16.00.

The best item at Tacofino's White Lighting Truck is the fish taco, which I like more than Cactus Clubs' too. However, the other items we ordered can improve. As for the staff, the men were very friendly and welcoming. Overall, I would revisit to try the burritos which I believe may be better than their tacos.

- Friendly staff
- Fresh vegetables

- Cold and dry chicken as well as pulled pork

- Post on Tacofino Cantina and Commissary [here]

Food: 2.5/5
Service: N/A

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