Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mei Jan Hong Beef Jerky LTD

Making impulse purchases and eating when I am not hungry are two things I am good at. So, every time I am at Aberdeen (well, to be honest, whenever I am in Richmond not necessarily the mall), I always make a trip to Mei Jan Hong for some jerky. This little shop is one of the only two places that I know of for freshly made jerky. I have tried the chicken, beef and pork, and honest to truth, the jerky is only average at best (although I have high standards for a lot of things). 

The main point (for me) is that the jerky is housemade and fresh. Also, there is a limited amount of fresh jerky shops in B.C. After a few errands, I continued with my weekly routine to grab some jerky. I started snapping some photos until the owner came out from the back and said, "no photos" in an unfriendly tone of voice (I do not blame her). I was a bit surprised since there was never an issue of taking photos before. Plus, I always buy a few pounds, am a regular and was already paying for my jerky, still no photos allowed? I mean, I totally respect if there was a sign posted saying no photos… but she did not have to be so angry about it. Being the immature person I am, I only wanted four strips of each kind and cancelled the 3lbs she was already weighing. That of course caused her to glare at me more but meh, I only come here for impulse purchases anyways. If I loved the jerky here, then this would be a different story.

SPICY BEEF JERKY ($4.75 1/4LB) AND SPICY CHICKEN JERKY ($5.00 1/4LB). Not sure how much I got but there are four strips of each kind and the total came to around $14.85.

On the left, the beef jerky tastes more sweet than spicy and has a very faint hint of settled spiciness. Also, some of the pieces taste soft and easy to chewy while others are a bit more stiff and requires some jaw aching. On the right, the chicken jerky tastes more tender and smooth compared to the beef. The chicken jerky also tastes a lot more sweet than the beef, with no hint of spiciness too. Both jerkies seem to lack some spices as well that savoury taste, and the sweetness tastes a bit overwhelming.

- Fresh housemade jerky
- Vacuum packaging is available

- Pricey
- Spicy could be spicy, or at least a mild spicy

- No photos?
- I used to come here just for the heck of it.. but meh, will not anymore

Food: 2.5/5
Service: N/A


  1. the packaged ones from t&t are really good! the spicy one is sooo spicy too. this place is only busy on holidays and too $$

    1. An Instagrammer said that too! The "Soo Jerky" is more than good enough for me and the spicy szechuan has a lot of heat. I've never tried the satay (I think) but have always wanted to

  2. well coming from a singaporean, the jerky over in Singapore is also quite expensive. So it's understandable that it's pricey over here as well. It's a precious commodity for deprived singaporeans like myself xD. When I came across this place I was actually quite surprised there was even a Singaporean jerky place here in Vancouver O_O.

    1. Yeah, the only other place I know of that sells is Bee Kim Heng on Fraser Street!



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