Friday, February 15, 2019


Southern United States cuisine lacks in Vancouver and while there are more fried chicken and barbecue restaurants popping up, what about biscuits and gravy? Chewie's Biscuit Co is a fairly new eatery located on the West side in Kitsilano and specializes in biscuits! In addition, Chewie's offers all day breakfast until 5:00pm (Sunday to Thursday) and 7:00pm (Friday and Saturday).

We visited on a weekday morning right when the restaurant opened at 9:00am and shorty others followed. The menu covers everything from bennies and breakfast bowls to of course biscuits and dessert, such as bronut and french toast!

The fried chicken benny was recommended by the cashier and it was great (I wish the egg did not fall over though, just for the photo!). The bennies consisted of avocado, perfectly poached eggs where the yolks remained runny, and crispy along with well seasoned breast meat in a honey glaze on top of a halved buttery and flaky biscuit.

The biscuit held up the bennies well and the hollandaise tasted extremely rich and buttery, but did not overwhelm. As for the gorgeously browned house spiced potatoes, each one exhibited a crispy exterior throughout and a fluffy interior. 

We ordered a lighter plate especially since the benny was on the heavier side and the Sunrise biscuit consisted of double smoked bacon, American cheese, sunny side up egg and zingy sauce. The fresh and warm biscuit was perfect - crispy exterior, flaky and moist. Moreover, the bacon was perfectly rendered and the egg was, do I dare say it... perfect again, sunny side up with a crispy bottom and runny yolk. This was a very well executed plate, however I personally would have preferred cheddar of American.

To end breakfast on a sweet note, we ordered a bronut! The available flavours are chocolate, glaze and mystery, which fortunately in our case was london fog (a favourite of mine!). The crispy bronut exhibited a perfectly dense and fluffy texture with a good balance of sweetness. Highly recommended.

Breakfast at Chewie's was well executed and I would love to come back to try other items on the menu. The portions may look on the smaller side as well, but it was quite filling.

- Well executed food
- Fresh biscuits and bronut (we arrived right at opening)

- It would be nice if other cheese options were posted on the menu or if use of American cheese was listed

2822 West 4th Avenue Vancouver, BC V6K 1R2
Phone (604) 336-9966


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