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Ah, the middle of January to the beginning of February means it is time for Dine Out Vancouver once again. Also known as an opportunity for restaurants to gain business during the slower months of the year. Personally, I am not a fan of dine out because restaurants can get too crowded and the food along with service may not be a true representation due to the high volume. So when Wanda from The Rise Eatery invited me to try their Kick-the-Blue's 3 course prix fixe menu, it peaked my interest because they did not participate in Dine Out. Plus, the menu looked really good as well.

The Rise Eatery is a global fusion restaurant located in South Granville that focuses on shared plates. However, they specifically created an individual 3 course menu that was offered between January 15th to February 3rd at $30 per person. And since KTBs was an amazing hit, the restaurant decided to keep the concept of a 3 course menu that will be based on seasonal ingredients in addition to their shared plates! Prices are set to $42 per person and on Wednesdays, only $30 per person! Could you ask for a better hump day treat? 

One of the signature drinks consisted of coconut rum, grapefruit aperitif, lime, olive brine, pineapple foam and a message in a bottle. This was a light and refreshing cocktail, the novelty was super cute and it definitely brightened up our rainy evening. Castaway was one of those drinks that you want to keep ordering and ordering!

Another signature drink consisted of a glass of joieblend noble blend, lychee liquor, elderflower and a cranberry popsicle. Yes, a cranberry popsicle! Again, this was another novelty drink that tasted great. 

One of the two available appetizers was the ahi tuna ceviche with roasted rice, kefir lime oil and rice paper crisps. A fusion of Thai and Latin American, the fresh ceviche was well executed and there was a nice kick from the chilli as well as a good balance of acidity. I really enjoyed the rice paper chips too.

The other appetizer was the beet carpaccio. The perfectly thin slices of beet were sweet and tender, and paired well with the small dollops of orange cashew cream. In additional, the sweet mandarin oranges brightened up the dish and there was a nice crunch from the pepitas.

One of the entrees we chose was the brûléed kakuni smoked pork belly. And honest to truth I am not a fan of ordering pork belly at a restaurant because from many of my previous experiences, it was rarely well executed. Although in this case, the pork belly tasted AMAZING.

The pork belly was well rendered and melted in the mouth, including the lean portion. On top of that, the smokiness was just right and did not overwhelm. The side of kabocha rice tasted very flavourful with the buttered salted egg yolk as well and the pickled apples along with daikon were a refreshing touch.

The other entree we chose was the sea urchin pasta served with house xo sautéed prawns, which was uni heaven. The al dente squid ink pasta had a nice bite, chewiness, and soaked up the rich sea urchin cream. I especially like how you can taste the squid ink in the pasta too. There was also plenty of ooomph with the addition of tobiko and nori, and when you pair it with XO sautéed prawns it was definitely a Hong Kong and Japanese fusion plate. As for the buttery prawns, it was perfectly cooked, exhibited a nice snap, and the xo was on point. We made sure there was nothing remaining on the plate, not a single drop!

Other options for entrees are Cheeky Business: star anise braised beef cheeks and Buried Treasure: miso braised vegetables (cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprouts and broccoli).

For dessert, one of the two options was the matcha cheese tartlet (also available in full size for additional $5.00). The buttery tartlet exhibited a nice crunch along with a rich matcha cheese filling that consisted of just the right amount of sweetness. The raspberry coulis was a nice combination as well and more places should offer it, who else is over the matcha and red bean mix?! There was also a crispy element from the white chocolate pearls.

The other dessert option was a dark chocolate pot de creme with lemon Chantilly and wild blueberry compote, which was rich as well as decadent and did not overwhelm. I loved the additions of in-house honey combs for that hint of extra sweetness too.

If you could not tell, I truly enjoyed every plate. And it is rare for me to enjoy every single dish at a restaurant. The Rise Eatery is an underrated restaurant in my opinion and when looking at their regular menu, even the prices are a steal! How could I have not known of them before? From the food puns and nicely thought out menu to well executed food, I could not stop raving about The Rise Eatery for like weeks after my visit and would actually be back!

*Beverages and food were compensated excluding gratuity*

- Carefully thought out dishes
- Well executed food
- Great prices

- Like usual seasonal items, some dishes will only be available when in season

3121 Granville St Vancouver, BC V6H 3K1
Phone 604 559 8280


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