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Claypot Hot Pot and B.B.Q. 農場火鍋

ADULT  $18.95 + BBQ $21.95
CHILDREN 4-11 $14.95 BBQ $17.95

Most all you can eat hot pot restaurants are pretty much the same for me and I have specific reasons why I go to certain ones. For example, I would come to Claypot for their xiao long baos, Chubby Lamb for the herbal soup and chinese pancake, Little Sheep Mongolian since I can make my own sauce, and Top Gun for chinese mushrooms. I remember when I was obsessed and craved for hot pot last summer and the only reason I chose Claypot was for their booth seatings as well as to order the xiao long baos. The service used to be pretty good from what I remember, it would be hard to get reservations and there would be long line ups. I have been to Claypot three times this month and it seems less busy, no reservations are needed and the booths are always available. I feel like the service has gone downhill (as in non-existent) even though they are the same waitresses and managers.

I usually get the HERBAL SOUP AND FREE RANGE CHICKEN BROTH, but my boyfriend and I decided to try the PICKLED VEGETABLE and the SPICY SCHEZUAN BROTH. I used to always get the spicy schezuan until I realized it is ridiculously too spicy, my tongue would vibrate, linger and become numb. This time, the spicy schezuan is only mildly spicy and looks different as well. There are red, yellow and orange chilli compared to before when it was only red. For the pickled vegetable broth, it pretty much tastes like a pickled vegetable broth. I did not enjoy it much and had a hard time taking shredded bits of cabbage off my vegetables and meat (personal preference).

Claypot has some new cooked dishes, one of them including DEEP FRIED BUNS. They do not come with milk which defeats the purpose, but the bun is still tasty and nicely deep fried. I personally cannot eat it without the milk. Another cooked dish is the PIG EAR which tastes average, has a nice chew and is lightly seasoned with the presentation looking like someone grabbed a few already.

On the left, MUSSELS, FISH SLICES AND FISH TOFU. Yay, they changed their fish tofu and have the actual cute fish shaped ones. When I went through a phase obessing over hot pot, I would literally eat 10-15 fish tofus and just that. I even went to T&T to buy the fish shaped ones because I have never seen them at any hot pot restaurant. The mussels and fish slices are what it is at any AYCE. On the right are the ASSORTED MUSHROOMS CONSISTING OF OYSTER MUSHROOMS, WHITE MUSHROOMS AND ENOKI MUSHROOMSI wish they had chinese mushrooms like Top Gun.

The TOFU SKIN, TOFU PUFFS (I like the regular full size ones more), BEAN CURD, CORN (it is actually sweet), PUMPKIN AND WINTER MELON.

My usual vegetables consisting of CHRYSANTHEMUM, WATERCRESS AND SPINACH. Sometimes they will be fresh while other times they are kind of old and brown spotted.

The XIAO LONG BAOS. They are usually "good enough" for me, but I wonder if they changed suppliers since this time the skin was really thick and it did not taste very good.



Claypot used to be one of my favourites and now it is off the list. It is a weekday, not very busy and there is no service. Our broth was literally burning the pot numerous times and no one cared to add more broth, so it was annoying. I am also not comfortable seeing the face of any employee that constantly has the look as if you owe them something. If the XLBS tasted okay like before, then maybe I will consider coming back at least once again, but there is no point. There are so many AYCE hot pot restaurants that taste the same, have booths and better service. I consider AYCE hot pot restaurants as an opportunity to try them all and figure out which one you prefer the most.


There is a BBQ option as well where you can pan fry meat above the hot pot. It was nice to try but I hate it because the oil kept hitting me even when I sat very far. It really hurt and left marks on my arm. I have this tendency of being scared of getting burned since it happens a lot and the way the heated pan is set up, there is less space to grab your cooked food from the broth and you are more likely to burn the side of your hand.

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 1/5

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