Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Suika Snack Bar

Being new to Urbanspoon, one of the restaurants I have wanted to visit based on average reviews has been Suika. On a weeknight for dinner, the restaurant was fairy busy and loud. In general, I am not a fan of tapas since I do not enjoy the dishes or find anything special about them, and I always drag going to any Guu location. However, I looked at Suika's menu online before visiting and the dishes seemed more appealing than any Guu location. When we arrived, the hostess tried squeezing us at a tiny table for two, in the middle of two larger groups of 6-8 people. It was nice of the hostess finding us a seat when the restaurant was busy, but luckily I saw a seat outside and asked if we could be seated there instead. The table outside was larger and it was a lot quieter. I definitely recommend reservations if you plan on making a visit since there were quite a few tables with reserved signs.


SPOT PRAWNS ($3.00/EACH). The spot prawns do not taste fresh and tastes as if they are previously frozen. For the price, it is a disappointment. I was also surprised that the heads were not offered to be deep fried.

TUNA-AVOCADO, TUNA SASHIMI AND AVOCADO WITH PLUM AND AND SEAWEED SAUCE ($6.80). The tuna sashimi tastes average and is at a proper temperature. For the slices of avocado, they taste fresh and ripe. I find nothing special or unique about this dish.

AAA BEEF FILLET STEAK AND FRESH GARLIC SERVED ON A HOT STONE PLATE. COMES WITH FRESH SHICHIMI SPICE AND SOY ONION SAUCE ($19.00). The beef fillet is served on a steak stone which is interesting because the meat can be cooked longer to a customer's preference, such as medium rather than medium rare. The beef tastes flavourful, tender and tasty. This is a must order at Suika. I also like the deep fried garlic chips.

DELUXE SUIKA BOX, DELUXE APPETIZER BOX [NINE KINDS] ($12.80). The deluxe suika box is a recommendation from the waitress, as "so good" and "the best". The box is a small portion of all the appetizers available on the menu, and we did not order any appetizers for a reason… none of them was appealing enough for us. However, the box does make a good opportunity to try every appetizer so for the next visit a customer can know what to order. Starting at the top left, garlic butter toast, tomato kimchi, chicken karage, grilled duck breast, cold tofu, tuna tataki, kimchi cucumber and slices of cold chicken with tomato. None of these taste very memorable and tastes like what it is.

GRILLED DUCK BREAST WITH TOMATO, GRANNY SMITH APPLE SLICES, AND SPECIAL SAUCE [BALSAMIC, SOY, BUTTER AND JAPANESE PEPPER] ($7.50). The grilled duck tastes extremely chewy, tough, dry and lacks flavourful. The duck is also included in the deluxe suika box which tasted dry as well.

OXTAIL RAMEN, SLOWLY BRAISED OXTAIL AND NOODLES IN SOY BROTH TOPPED WITH DRIED FISH POWDER AND SCALLIONS ($9.80). The soup tastes very flavourful and has an oxtail broth taste, without tasting salty. The noodles taste perfectly cooked and the pieces of oxtail are slightly chewy but not too tough. BFs favourite ramen joint is Kintaro on Denman and Robson, and he says Suika's is comparable.

TOROTORO CHA-SHU, PORK ROASTED THEN SLOWLY BRAISED TILL TENDER SERVED WITH SUIKA'S SECRET BLEND, IT MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH ($6.80). The slices of pork does melt in the mouth but has no taste, it actually tastes quite bland and flavourless. This is also coming from a person who prefers healthier and bland tasting dishes too, except this time. I will say, the pork does taste tender though.

- AAA beef fillet and oxtail ramen are tasty
- Friendly, attentive and sincere service

- Some dishes are average or below average

- I do recommend Suika but it seems like many people would rather prefer any of the Guu locations
- When we arrived I saw a mother and daughter leaving the restaurant, and a waitress came out running just to say bye to them. The bill was already paid for (I think) and nothing was left behind, so it was not a situation where the waitress thought someone was trying to avoid the bill. It was nice seeing a waitress run out just to say bye

Food: 2.5/5 (if just the AAA BEEF FILLET and OXTAIL RAMEN, would be a 3/5)
Service: 4/5

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