Tuesday, February 18, 2014

$2.85 Burger Cart

A couple of weeks ago, my friend asked if I wanted to try "Japanese flavoured hamburgers for $2.85". Huh? Japanese flavoured? $2.85? Is it any good? Turns out when she said "Japanese flavoured", it means teriyaki sauce. After finishing up some shopping, we made our way to the food truck which is conveniently located a block or two away from Pacific Centre. The food truck offers a few options of canned pop and two burger choices, beef patty with cheese or without. We both passed on the cheese since we did not want processed.

HAMBURGER ($2.85).
Ketchup and mustard is provided on the side but we chose to have the burgers as-is unless the condiments were needed. The buns are grilled and has a slight crisp exterior with a soft as well as pillowy crumb. Although the burger only has four ingredients, it is simple and quite tasty, the way I like it. The buns hold the thick beef patty, teriyaki sauce, slice of tomato and good amount of iceberg lettuce well, and the burger does not get greasy or messy. The beef patty tastes generic, not dry or juicy, and the iceberg lettuce gives the burger a nice refreshing taste. For the teriyaki sauce, there is not too much of an amount and I would have enjoyed the burger with or without it.

- Cheapest burger around anywhere
- Actually tastes good
- Friendly owners

- There are probably long line ups during lunch hours

- I would come back if I was in the area and wanted something to munch on, but it would not make sense finding parking just to eat here
- For those who thought the Famous Warehouse was cheap… this place is cheaper!

Food: 3.5/5 (Value 5/5)
Servive: 5/5 (N/A but friendly staff)

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