Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cockney Kings Fish & Chips : New Westminster location

Surprisingly, I have only been to Cockney Kings Fish & Chips three times! I would have expected at least ten visits. Cockney Kings = All you can eat fish n' chips. Yup, that is one of the two things that I remember of the restaurant. The other is, their tartar sauce tastes weak. 

Coming for a late lunch around 5:30pm (or to most, an early dinner), Cockney's was pretty busy on a Tuesday. Walking in, the restaurant has two lines; one for take out and the other to be seated. Both line ups were quite long but fortunately, we only waited fifteen minutes. Every Monday to Wednesday, Cockney's offers all you can eat fish n' chips for $9.50 which includes unlimited foundation pop! Good value much? Yup.

Although the seafood chowder has a chicken broth flavour, it also tastes quite bland. There is a good amount of bits of seafood though and for the price, is nothing to complain about. Plus, the chowder does not taste salty and was served hot.


Tartar sauce and ketchup is provided on the side. As for the tartar sauce, it tastes like only mayonnaise and is pretty weak. The ultimate no shame/fob/piggy move is to grab McDonald's tartar sauce before coming here LOL... by the way which I did not do, despite knowing it is the best thing to do. The large slices of pollack have a light crispy batter, does not taste greasy, and tastes slightly more stiff compared to cod. 

Since three pieces were more than enough, I would probably pass on the AYCE next time and pay a couple of dollars more for halibut or salmon, because the prices are very reasonable. However, for those who can eat a lot, the AYCE is a pretty good value! As for the side of chips, the fries are lightly seasoned and perfectly cooked with a nice crispiness, while tasting soft on the inside.

GRAVY ($1.00).
The gravy has a light creamy salty flavour and tastes bland… but is not really a gravy.

- Friendly staff considering the busy restaurant
- More than reasonable prices

- Friend's second order of fish had soggy batter
- Tartar sauce has not changed within the last eight years

- The North Burnaby location is a lot more convenient for me but I made the visit to New West because I remember the other location is not as good

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 3/5

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