Thursday, February 13, 2014

Burgers Etc. BBQ House

Burgers Etc was a constant fail since I could never find the restaurant, despite having the correct address and saying "it should be here" numerous times. Well, "RIGHT HERE OMMG WHERE IS IT?!" was what I really said. After many frustrating failed attempts, an early evening trip around 5:00pm was much needed, hoping some daylight would help locate the restaurant. Side note, by "could never find", I was going 30km and still missed it! Walking in, the friendly waiter was welcoming, mentioned the daily soup and provided the option of seating anywhere. The restaurant's interior is squeaky clean and has less than ten tables.



The debate, barbecue or spicy wings? Almost ordering both, we chose only one just in case the wings taste dry or not very good. The order of wings are served on two skewers, each with four pieces and are barbecued as well as spicy! Luckily we only had one order instead of trying both, since it was a late lunch for us rather than dinner and the wings are pretty much the same, one with and the other without hot sauce. The wings have a rich smokey barbecue taste and a mild spiciness that builds up to a medium spicy level. Although the wings could have tasted more juicy, they were quite tasty and not dry. The barbecued taste really makes the wings tasty.

HOUSE MADE BEEF BRISKET SOUP ($2.95). Wanting two orders of soup but again like the wings, agreed to stick with one and order another if it tasted good. The soup is served hot and tastes rich, beefy as well as hearty. Loaded with ingredients such as potato, corn, carrot and brisket, the soup tastes really good. The medium sized diced pieces of brisket also tastes amazingly juicy as well as tender and soaks up the broth. I was definitely not sharing and a second order was made. The soup tastes a lot better than Smokehouse Sandwich's and I would come back for just for this.


After hearing us deliberate and me "not caring" which side to order, the waiter suggested ordering the soup as a side with the combo and made the choice of choosing the side a lot easier. The barbecue meat at Burgers Etc are slow cooked rather than parboiled which results in a meaty as well as dry to a bit moist but tender cut of meat, with the use of sauce for added moisture. The ribs have a rich smokiness and tastes extremely flavourful with a pleasant chewiness, no jaw aching or rock hard meat like Memphis Blue's. Also, the ribs are not overly burnt (like Memphis's) and every part of the rib can be eaten. Overall, despite that the ribs do not taste juicy, they are tender and very flavourful. For the fries, although crisp, lightly salted and not oily, taste generic. Ketchup and vinegar is provided on every table.

BEEF BRISKET ($5.81). 
Rather than ordering a beef brisket sandwich, we asked if the restaurant offers just the brisket, which they do. The beef tastes tender although dry and with the help of the mild spicy smokey barbecue sauce, the brisket tastes good. Usually I prefer barbecue meat naked, however, the sauce compliments the brisket and tastes very smokey, not tomatoey. If anything, I would have preferred a fattier cut, the brisket was a bit too lean for me.

PULLED PORK SANDWICH TOPPED WITH COLESLAW AND A DILL PICKLE ($5.00). Every Tuesday, Burgers Etc offers their pulled pork sandwich for only $5.00 with the purchase of a drink. What a good deal! Also, the choice of drink does not have to be a pricier one, we got a can of coke for $1.62. The choice of buns are perfect, a soft bread that soaks up the juice as well as the sauce and holds the pulled pork well. Also, I like that the buns are toasted on the crumb which combines the toasted taste with the pulled pork and prevents the bread from getting soggy. The pulled pork tastes moist, not stringy and the sauce compliments the meat well, and I am usually not a fan of sauces. 

The gravy does not taste salty and tastes like generic pre-mix gravy.
As most of the food came at once, I felt like such a piggy taking a bite of everything, literally. I would take a bite of the wing, then rib, then burger and then brisket LOL. Yenno… rather than eating the normal way like finishing the whole wing, then rib and then a slice of brisket.

- Friendly owners and staff
- Clean restaurant
- Average to above average eats
- Reasonable prices
- Housemade beef brisket soup is probably one of the best

- For those who prefer parboiled ribs

- Better than Memphis Blue's
- Although ranking the restaurant as "a bit above average", it is the good kind of average that I would back for

Food: 3/5
Service: 3.5/5

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