Monday, July 14, 2014

Acme Cafe

Choosing to pass on dessert at Save On Meats, C’est la vie a Maggi and I were saving our bellies for Acme Cafe, specifically for their pies! When we walked in, our eyes were immediately drawn to the pastry bar and after taking a look at their selection, we were seated at a comfortable booth. As we were frantically looking for the dessert menu, a friendly waitress came by and mentioned Acme's desserts change daily and had the menu written on her notepad.

So, deciding to use our eyes rather than ears, we headed back to the pastry bar. Here was a selection of red velvet cake, pies (banana cream, orange creamsicle, raspberry rhubarb, blueberry, sailor cherry rum, and individual sized pecan pies), chocolate chunk croissant bread pudding, chocolate brownie with chopped walnut, croissant, loafs and plenty of cookies along with bars. Being the indecisive person that I am, I was deliberating between the strawberry rhubarb and the blueberry pie.

Why the indecisiveness? I worried the strawberry rhubarb would be too sour and the blueberry may not even be that good. However, to help with my indecisiveness, the friendly cashier scrapped a bit of filling off of both pies for me to sample, and I went with the blueberry. In addition, she also recommended the croissant bread pudding since it is a favourite of hers, and provided us a sample to try as well. We found the bread pudding to have a soft croissant texture along with a nice sweetness from the chocolate, it was neither mushy nor too sweet.

Having tried the milkshake at Save On Meats earlier, we decided to order one from Acme Cafe to compare. The milkshake is served with a maraschino cherry, whipped cream, and excess shake in a tin cup (the way I like it). As for the taste, the vanilla milkshake is a lot sweeter and does not have that nice “hard” ice cream texture. If comparing to a similar taste, the milkshake resembles Bryer’s vanilla ice cream and I am personally not a fan of that brand. However, that did not stop me from trying my hardest to finish the milkshake, to the point when Maggi got mad and told me to stop or I would get a stomach ache LOL.

Maggi went for the orange creamsicle, which actually tastes like orange creamsicle! The cream tastes fluffy as well as smooth, and the filling tastes sweet (a bit too sweet for us). As for the crust, we would have preferred a sturdier one or one with a nice crunch, and felt it was a bit too soft as well as slightly soggy.

The blueberry pie is a lot better than I thought it would be. There is a generous amount of blueberries and actually, it is the most I ever had in a slice of pie! Generous as in every spoon has five to six blueberries and the cafe definitely does not cheap out. As for the filling, it does not taste overly sweet and the consistency is thick but not too syrupy or gooey. The pie is actually very simple as well as light, and I like it. If anything, the pie was heated in the oven for a bit too long and the crust has a burnt flavour along with a slightly chewy texture, which I was not fond of.

Before heading out and almost at the door, a cashier said “you forgot something” and gave us a couple of complimentary chocolate chip cookies due to an incident during our visit. The cookies are simple as well as generic, not too sweet and there is a fair amount of chocolate. Knowing I am being big on carbs as well as sweets, Maggi passed on these and let me have them hehe.

About that incident… literally seconds after I picked up an important phone call, a gentleman came up from behind us and asked Maggi , “are you going to finish that?”. At first I thought he was a staff member who was going to tease Maggi about not finishing her pie and since I was on the phone, I decided to give them space. However suddenly, I hear some shouting going on and turns out that man was not a staff member lol and I had to move further away from the background noise since I was still on the phone. As I stood in the middle of the cafe, all the staff immediately headed towards Maggi to make sure she was safe and authoritatively while politely, asked the man to leave.

TOTAL: $ 16.80+ $3.20 = $20.00.

Overall, I enjoyed my blueberry pie and the orange creamsicle really tasted like, orange creamsicle! As for the service, wow. People who care. When I stood at the pastry bar feeling stressed because of my indecisiveness while at the same time guilty for wasting the cashier’s time, she offered me samples to help with my choice of dessert. Furthermore, I am not the type to hang out at a cafe or a restaurant after I am done eating and of course feeling guilty when doing so since we only ordered a few items, Maggi reassured me it is fine because the cafe was empty. My point is, the staff asked at least four times if we needed more water, mentioned to ask if I wanted more whipped cream for my blueberry pie, and made us feel welcomed to stay despite only ordering a few items! Of course I secretly wanted more whipped cream but was too shy to ask. The both of us will definitely revisit to try out some real food and I will make sure to call and drop by on a day when pecan pie is available.

- There is service at a cafe?!
- People who care
- Great blueberry pie

- Not a fan of the milkshake (personal preference)
- Creamsicle was a bit too sweet

- C'est la vie a Maggi's post [here]

Food: 3/5 (milkshake 2.5/5)
Service: 5/5

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