Saturday, July 19, 2014

Timothy's Frozen Yogurt : Gary Point Park location

After a disappointing late lunch at Sockeye City, we decided to take a stroll around Gary Point Park. On the way there, I noticed Timothy's and being still hungry from not eating much at lunch, we dropped by.

I have a question; in general, are customers allowed to sample ice cream or gelato? Before, as in just up to half a year ago, I never asked for samples because I was shy. In addition, even when offered, I would decline! I just have this weird tendency to feel obligated to purchase something just because I have a sample. But, after purchasing many flavours before and sometimes not really enjoying a few, occasionally I like to ask for samples. Well, more like wait for someone to ask for a sample and follow LOL.

Having said that, I was wondering if Timothy's even allows samples? When I asked to sample the pistachio gelato, the cashier seemed very annoyed and almost rolled his eyes. Also, there was no one else behind us at the time. Perhaps because there was a small line up earlier on? Anyway, as if his negative attitude was not uncomfortable enough, the sample was the size of only two corn niblets (no exaggeration) so I really did not understand what the big deal was. Furthermore, BF never asks for samples and if he does not like the flavour, he tosses the food out which I find very wasteful. So, I asked him to grab a sample this time. When it was his turn, the cashier snapped. 

His face changed to what I did not know could even be more unfriendly, he let out a loud sigh and said, "just to let you guys know I can't give you anymore samples, thats it." At the time, I felt guilty like I shoplifted or did something wrong and was startled; so I played it safe, ordered a blackberry yogurt and got the heck out of there. Fortunately, we left there fast because someone else came up behind us and we did not want to annoy the cashier even more. I even hesitated to go back for a spoon or napkin! Geezus. As for BF, he went to an ice cream truck nearby because he was not happy with the customer service here.

The frozen yogurt is pretty much like Yogen Fruz's; a block of frozen yogurt along with a choice or choices of frozen fruit, is run through a machine and served in a cup or a cone. The frozen yogurt tastes creamy and neither too sweet nor sour. Furthermore, Timothy's is known for their fresh and housemade waffle cones. However, when a customer feels like they did something wrong or guilty, when asking for a sample? Are you serious? From a family business? Forget it. Having said that, my previous experiences at Timothy's located on the boardwalk, have been  better. One of the male cashiers there is very friendly.

- Fresh waffle cones
- Only frozen yogurt joint in the area

- Staff could be friendly or communicate better
- Did we ask for three goddamn samples? There should be a sign if the staff would prefer not providing samples

- As a resident of Vancouver, there are plenty of options to grab ice cream, gelato or frozen yogurt at many places. However, as an out of town visitor, this is the only place for frozen yogurt at Steveston. Furthermore, with this experience, who would recommend this place? This is not be a good first impression

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 0.5/5

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  1. I just read your they're so rude! When I went, there was a sign but maybe they forgot to take put it up that day....?

    1. Hmm, not sure if this location even has a sign! If they did, the cashier would have said they do not offer samples. I kind of wish he said that too instead of acting the way he did.

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