Friday, July 4, 2014

Five Guys Burgers & Fries : South Surrey location

After finishing a meeting in White Rock, I called up a friend to grab lunch at Five Guys. Five Guys? Of all places around White Rock? Do not be surprised that I stuck with something boring because having tried most of the restaurants in White Rock, there is nothing that really "wows" me. The next restaurant on my list in White Rock is probably Giraffe because of the cute name along with the interior, and complimentary chocolates (but is the food good?!).

Coming for a late lunch, the burger joint looked fairly empty and was well ventilated with no aroma of beef patties. Knowing that we would be going for dinner in a couple of hours, we settled on something light and went for the "little" burgers which consists of a single patty, along with an order of "little" fries which is more than enough for two to share in general.

I have only tried this location once and honestly, my experience was not that great. We received cold as well as soggy fries, and a cold burger! So, I was pretty hesitant on revisiting. Although fortunately this time around, the food was a lot better and served hot. The way it should be.

Pretty much everyone who has been to Five Guys will know about the complimentary peanuts. Honestly, I feel like if someone took a whole bag full of peanuts, no one would even make a big deal or care because everyone would be chomping on their burgers.

As for the atmosphere, it was pretty relaxing. The cook started on the patties and stayed at the back until the timer went off.

The fries are heavily seasoned with cajun (in a good way) and the portions have always been huge at Five Guys. Although most of the fries are not very crispy, the seasoning sort of makes up for it. Furthermore, the fries are skin on. The way I like them.

My burger is "all the way" which consists of mayo, lettuce, pickle, tomato, grilled onion as well as mushroom, ketchup, mustard and the addition of bacon. The beef patty tastes moist and the grilled flavour of the crunchy bacon is definitely there. In addition, having learned my lesson at a previous visit to Downtown's Five Guys, I knew less meant more. If there are too many toppings, the burger may become unrecognizable along with no flavour from the beef.

My friend decided to go against my recommendation and added all the toppings available which includes everything I had along with relish, onion, jalapeño pepper, green pepper, steak sauce, barbecue sauce and hot sauce. There are so many toppings that the patty cannot even be seen (although we only had a single)! As for his burger, due to the generous amount of toppings, the flavour of the patty is lost and we could only pick up the cheese, relish and pickle.

TOTAL: $19.05 + TIP $2.95 = $22.00.

Five Guys has a very basic system; order at the front and wait for the number on the receipt to be called. At this location, the restaurant is quite large and outdoor seating is available as well. Furthermore, the restaurant was fairly clean.

- Made to order food
- Unlimited toppings
- Fresh patties, no preservatives or fillers
- Buns were actually grilled long enough (sometimes they are forgotten or barley toasted)

- May not be always consistent (last visit here was horrible)

- Free peanuts
- Prices are slowly rising
- Sometimes less is more 
- Post on Five Guys at Downtown [here]

Food: 3/5
Service: 2.5/5

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