Thursday, July 3, 2014

Rocky Point Ice Cream

While dropping by Safeway at Kensington Plaza, there happened to be a birthday celebration for Cobs Bread. What did that mean? Free ice cream from Rocky Point!

The available flavours were salted caramel, mint flake, espresso flake, rocky point road, maple walnut, cotton candy, vanilla as well as strawberry, and a sorbet such as mixed berry. Furthermore, there was a special flavour which was made especially for Cobs, lemon blueberry scone.

The ice cream has a maple flavour which does not taste too sweet and there is a fair amount of walnuts. However, the texture is very light as well as too soft, and there is not much of a milky or creamy flavour. In addition, the stale cone did not taste good at all and seems similar to one purchased from a grocery store. Although to be fair, the cones are probably different than what is offered at the actual Rocky Point store.

- Free ice cream

- Texture is way too soft, hopefully the actual store serves better ice cream
- Stale cone
- Staff could have been friendlier considering it is a birthday celebration and there was no line up behind me

- After trying a sample of the ice cream, I am not in a rush to check out the actual store

Food: 2.5/5
Service: N/A

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