Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bubble Town

Bubble Town eh? Out of my at least fifty times coming to this plaza to grab a sub at Ba Le, Bubble Town has never crossed my mind. Why the sudden interest? Well, it was that awkward 5:00pm first meal of the day and not wanting to spoil my appetite kinda thing. I mean, of course I really wanted to go to Sal Y Limon… but if I did, I would probably order at least a couple of tacos and a burrito, which would have spoiled my appetite for dinner. When we walked in, there were a few mothers' with their newborns and the bubble tea joint seemed like a neighbourhood hang out. The second thing I noticed was the owner cutting up some fresh mangos on a sheet of newspaper, and my immediate thoughts were "fresh mango juice!".

After ordering, I requested for no sugar or syrup to be added, because well, I like just the juice. Soooo… this is how the drink was made.

1. Toss in some frozen chunks of mango (I guess the fresh ones are for the owner and her friend LOL)
2. Add syrup and disregard the customer's request
3. Add water
4. Blend in the blender
5. Pour in plastic cup
6. Add small chunks of ice
7. Seal the drink
8. Shake manually with hand
9. Serve

It is nice that real chunks of mango are used, drinks are made to order and the juice does not taste overly sweet. However, the generous amount of 1/4 cup of small chunks of ice got sucked up in the straw and I really wanted to only drink the juice. Not mango juice with small chunks of ice. It is hard to explain but, the juice just did not taste good. I assumed the ice would be blended or was not even needed, considering that the chunks of mango were frozen anyway. And even if the ice cubes were the regular sizes, it would have been a lot better since the pieces would not get sucked up in the straw! Other than drinking up plenty of ice, the ice has an odd taste to it. Although the taste was not that bad, it was not that great either and tastes quite unpleasant.

Grabbed a Haagen Dazs Almond ice cream bar from a gas station after! ->

- Can lounge around…
- Fresh fruit juices are available

- Ice has an odd unpleasant taste

- Ice cream freezer is broken

Food: 2/5
Service: N/A

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