Thursday, March 13, 2014

Shun Xin Hot Pot

Looking for something different to try, I thought of Shun Xin Hot Pot. And a few minutes after deciding to visit, a friend of mine also suggested the restaurant! Was this meant to be? I have mentioned before that I do not mind driving to Richmond with one exception, I will not have to park at the plaza where Chen's Shanghai Kitchen is. Well, turns out that plaza is called Park Lane which is also where Shun Xin is! Fortunately we did not need to circle around or wait half an hour for a spot (like previous visits) and as we arrived, someone was leaving.

The restaurant offers AYCE hot pot and their specialty dry style hot pot, which is a spicy crab and/or prawns stir-fried with selected ingredients by the customer. There are plenty of ingredients to add along with the seafood for an additional $4.00-$6.00/item. Also, I recommend reservations because on a weeknight, everyone had reservations and we waited forty five minutes. Although the wait was not that bad since I love spicy food, it was hard to refrain from walking a few doors down to Chen's Shanghai! The restaurant's interior is pretty well ventilated and has plenty of booth seating arrangements as well as a couple of tables for larger parties at the back. Gloves, napkins, chop sticks and a bowl for the broken shells are provided.

We ordered a bun and also ordered a second because every table had one! The bun is freshly deep fried, has a nice crisp exterior and a soft crumb with plenty of layers. If anything, the portion of condensed milk is so small and covers only half the bun. However, additional orders of milk can be requested for $1.00

CRAB ($35.00), NAPA CABBAGE ($3.99), BEAN CURD ($3.99), BEEF ($5.99)
The hot pot is medium spicy as requested and resembles a Chinese version of Crab Pot. Although some slices of beef taste chewy as well as overcooked, the rest of the ingredients taste fine. Also, I am not a fan of vermicelli in general but with the spiciness, the noodles taste pretty good! If anything, there is not much napa cabbage and the highlight is definitely the spiciness. Throughout the hot pot, there are plenty of peppercorns, dried red chilli pepper and chilli oil, it is a spicy lovers dream. The crab is fresh and around 2lb, however, the prawns are previously frozen which to be honest, does not really matter. Everything is properly fused together and tastes really flavourful as well as spicy.

TOTAL $65.05 + TIP $9.95 = $75.00.

Overall we tipped 15% because the staff was friendly as well as helpful when we ordered (despite not having any service), and the total would be an even amount.

- Friendly staff
- Medium spicy is actually spicy!
- Well ventilated restaurant

- Restaurant could be cleaner
- Price adds up depending on how many ingredients are added

- Reservations are recommended!

Food: 3/5
Service: 2.5/5

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  1. the restaurant is always soooo busy! its best to go in large groups b/c for the same price, they add more ingredients. how many people did u go with? theres only vermicelli i see lol

    1. Oh whaaatt really? LOL. I went with just my friend haha. That's such a good deal!



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