Tuesday, June 24, 2014

C-Lovers Fish & Chips : Burquitlam location

With only $50.00 cash in our pockets, we decided to be adventurous and find out how much $50.00 can get us. In the Burquitlam area, there is pretty much only Chinese, Korean, Japanese, a few Vietnamese and a couple of chain restaurants. Theoretically, $50.00 is more than enough for a two item combo at a Chinese restaurant, sushi rolls if having Japanese, and a hot pot at any Korean joint. But, without having to calculate right to the dot or worrying about being short on cash considering the amount of food BF and I eat, we settled on something simple. Fish n' Chips.

In addition, not just fish n' chips, but all you can eat as well! This way, there is no need to worry about being hungry after dinner. C-Lovers is a fast food chain restaurant that serves pretty much fish n' chips and burgers. Having visited C-Lovers once before at the location in Coquitlam, I was interested in trying the one in Burquitlam. When we walked in, our waitress Stephanie mentioned we could seat ourselves anywhere. After taking a look at the menu, we decided to pay it safe, go for the AYCE and if we enjoy the meal, come back for a la carte next time.

As for the interior, the restaurant is much cleaner than the location in Coquitlam. Furthermore, the waiting area is quite spacious which makes those who grab orders to go, more comfortable. Every table is preset with utensils along with a menu, and larger tables are labelled "reserved for six or more". As for the cosmetics, the walls are painted a muggy swamp green and there are brown painted pillars, pretty much similar to the location in Coquitlam.

TODDLER ($2.99), CHILD 4-10 ($5.99), ADULT ($11.99).

When Stephanie brought over our meals, she mentioned the food is extremely hot and to be careful. The fries are freshly made and every single one is perfectly crisp. Every. Single. One. Some may think the job as a deep fryer is simple which is why many half ass their jobs. But this guy, shook the fries when needed and they are perfect. Although the fries are slightly too crispy for me as I like mine a bit fluffy on the inside, these were more than good enough.

As for the strips of cod (not pollack like at Cockney Kings), the fish tastes flaky as well as moist, and are lightly battered. The batter has a light soft crispiness and is quite tasty. Furthermore, the tangy tartar sauce makes everything taste great. The tartar sauce is hands down way tastier than Cockney King's.

At C-Lovers, a must order for us are their prawns! The prawns are meaty, lightly battered with a slight crispiness, and tastes bouncy.

GRAVY ($1.79).
Hesitant on ordering the gravy because at the Coquitlam location it tasted extremely thick and not appealing, fortunately the one here is a lot better. The gravy is a generic premix and has a beefy gravy taste, without tasting salty. Furthermore, the consistency is not too thick or watery.

As we were still eating, Stephanie came by at least three times to see if we needed more fish, chips or both. In addition, she asked if everything was fine. Wow, this is the best service we ever had in quite a long time. Furthermore, for those who are shy when it comes to asking for more food at an AYCE, she definitely makes her customers feel comfortable. After the third time she asked, we took her up on her offer.

TOTAL: $30.20 + $5.80 = $36.00.

This is when we thought, how much fish n' chips can someone eat? To us, we were too full after our four strips and when the new order arrived, we struggled to finish an extra two pieces each. Furthermore, despite the great value in the AYCE, the both of us would rather order halibut along with salmon on the next visit so we do not feel overstuffed from being greedy, nor having to "get our moneys worth". Although the original value is great without going for round two.

- Attentive, friendly and welcoming waitress
- Restaurant is not cramped
- Good eats at a great price
- Food is freshly made and served hot

- No 7-up, sprite or mountain dew 

- Post on C-Lovers at Coquitlam [here]
- Strips are slightly larger than the ones we got at the Coquitlam location

Food: 3/5 (for an AYCE 4/5)
Service: 3.5/5

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  1. We just went there today (same location) and were impressed. I was amazed how good of a deal the kids AYCE is ($5.99 with bottomless pop). My son had 5 pieces of his fish, and to my relief he mostly passed on the fries. I didn't want to go the AYCE route in order to maintain my beauty waistline [wink] so I had the cod burger combo for $7. The patty was a bit small for my liking but nevertheless well deep-fried and I could actually taste the cod itself.

    Stephanie our waitress (same as yours) was extremely professional and personable. The restaurant is clean, well-organized and pleasant. I would definitely return.

    1. I am so happy to hear that Stephaine is still with the restaurant! I have been meaning to go back to try their salmon or halibut too.



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