Friday, June 6, 2014

Mattu's Coffee & Tea : Willoughby Town Centre location

When heading back to the car after having dinner at Noma, I noticed a little cafe that serves ice cream from Island Farms. Mattu's Coffee & Tea is located in Willoughby Town Centre which is not to be confused with Willowbrook Centre (although they have a location there as well), and is the coffee shops' second location. 

The cafe not only offers coffee, but tea, frappes, milkshakes and alcoholic beverages as well such as beer, coolers, and martini. Asides from the drinks, the cafe offers generic goodies such as soup, pastries (lemon, cranberry, apple crumble, triple berry and date bars), quiche and biscotti. In addition, there is even a heart shaped Barbie cookie! Although I am not sure if the baked goodies are housemade. 

The salted caramel tastes like vanilla ice cream and has swirls of caramel, along with a few tiny cuts of carmel filled chocolate. The ice cream does not taste too sweet as in one bite is too much, and there is not much of a salted taste which is fine with me. As for the texture, the ice cream tastes creamy as well as smooth, and hard (in a good way). For the second scoop, the matcha ice cream tastes bitter as well as very dry. The salted caramel tastes a lot better.

GRANDE 16OZ MOCHA ($4.75).
The mocha taste bland, not very rich and has a weak generic taste of half chocolate and half coffee. If anything, the mocha does not taste too sweet and is very light. Although a bit too "light"… Even the mocha we had at the Colossus after was a lot better.

TOTAL: $9.00.

- For those who like Island Farms ice cream
- Plenty of choices, food and drink wise

- Mocha is not very good

- Outdoor seating is available
- Cafe offers some little nicknacks such as teapots

Food: 2.5/5 (mocha 1/5)
Service: N/A

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