Thursday, June 5, 2014

Donair Spot : Robson Street location

While waiting for my bicycle tune up, my friend and I needed to refuel and grabbed a light snack at Donair Spot. The donair joint offers regular wraps which includes a choice of meat along with lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, pickles and sauce (garlic, tzatziki and mild hot sauce), as well as more adventurous choices such as the caribbean (spicy), lebanese (tabour and hummus), hawaiian (pineapple and sweet sauce) and mushroom. Furthermore, pizza (vegetarian and meat) and vegetable falafels are available as well.

Donair Spot is quite small and there are less than six seats available, which is probably not an issue since most people grab their food to go. As we walked up to order, the cashier was extremely friendly and when ordering, asked if we wanted to omit any of the usual items before he assembled the donairs. Basically, he grabbed the pitas, slitted a side, added the choice of meat from a warmer, then the selected toppings along with sauce, folded the wrap, and heated them on an electric grill. He was efficient and did not cheap out on the ingredients.

LAMB DONAIR ($5.99). 
Starting with mine, unfortunately the meat has no taste! The meat tastes bland, boring and processed. As for the tzatziki, the sauce tastes light and subtle. However, in general, I like the meat to vegetable ratio because there is more meat; no BS crunchy donair. When the cashier asked us how the donairs were (which is very nice of him considering this is a fast food joint), I mentioned the lamb was tasteless and surprisingly, he agreed! He mentioned the meat is packaged and has a leaner taste which most customers prefer, especially seniors because it is easier to chew. I was thinking darn… where was the warning? Also, even before ordering, I was hesitant on choosing the lamb because I did not notice it on the rotisserie. Oh well, now I know.

As for my friend's chicken donair, hers tastes a lot better! A lot. The chicken has a nice caramelization, tastes moist (not dry at all) along with a flavoursome seasoning, and was carved off the rotisserie in front of us. In addition, the donair has a good amount of chicken and the vegetables provide a light crunch as well as a refreshing taste.

TOTAL: $12.60.

Overall, Donair Spot is a choice for those in the area. But, keep in mind the chicken tastes a lot better than the lamb, and is not processed. As for the service, usually there is not much to write about at a fast food joint. However, the cashier was extremely friendly to everyone who walked in and even asked us how the donairs were! Something so small makes a huge difference. Also, about that chicken… carved right off the rotisserie in front of us! I hate it when some places pre-carve and leave the meat sitting around in a warmer. All in all, I need to revisit and will bring BF, just because of the friendly cashier and the donair joint cutting the chicken right off the rotisserie.

- Friendly staff
- Not stingy on the meat
- Chicken is housemade

- For those who do not like processed lamb

Food: 2.5/5 (chicken 3/5)
Service: 5/5

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