Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tre Galli Gelato Caffe

Tre Galli Gelato Caffe is located at the River Market in New Westminster Quay, and after an unpleasant meal at Re-Up, we headed across to the shop. I believe this is the only gelato shop in New West too. The prices include tax and are $3.50/child, $4.10/single, $5.15/double and $6.50/triple. Furthermore, there are take home containers available as well. Some of the flavours include amaretto, passion fruit, chocolate chip mint, blood orange, stracciatella, lemon, french vanilla, pear, kiwi lime, greek yogurt, blueberry, banana chocolate chip, pineapple, black sesame, panna cotta and tiramisu.

Before grabbing some gelato, we came here for a frappe while having a meal at Re-Up. Surprisingly, despite sitting right in front of the caffe with no line up (at the moment), the male cashier dropped our drink to the other side (presumably where the drink pick up area is) without mentioning it to us. Comparing the customer service to Re-Up, it was pretty… not welcoming or friendly. 

After waiting a while for the drink with the cashier staring at us, we assumed it must have been dropped off elsewhere. As for the taste, the frappe has a mild mocha flavour and is well blended. The frappe is not bad and tastes generic, although a whipped cream option would have been nice.

The lime gelato tastes very creamy as well as smooth, and extremely sour with a light refreshing taste. The gelato is actually quite creamy and butters up, definitely a must order for those who are a fan. As for the almond, the gelato has a nice nuttiness and tastes creamy as well. There is a light flavour of almond along with a couple of tiny chunks.

If anything, the waffle crisp tastes stale and not very crisp, but I assume it is here for presentation purposes and as something to munch on for those who do not order a cone?

TOTAL: 13.75.

The gelato shop is great for those in the area, especially when walking around the quay. However, I am big on customer service and when food is only average to me, I rather travel to get something better. Furthermore, we have been here before and have grabbed a child size scoop, which seemed to be the same size as our order of a single scoop. The sizes do not seem to be consistent and for the same price elsewhere with better gelato, the portion is also larger. Although the portions do seem average because of the angle of the photo taken. Either way, the gelato is not bad.

- Only gelato joint in New West
- Creamy gelato

- Sizes are not consistent
- Male cashier was not very welcoming when we ordered the frappe, or when we came back for gelato later

Food: 2.5/5
Service: N/A

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