Wednesday, June 18, 2014

La Amigo Restaurant 雅谷餐廳

A post I have delayed for a while is my pre-dinner at Amigo Restaurant because I never took a photo of the restaurant's exterior LOL. I mean, I could have, but on my visit, it was pouring rain and well… obviously not worth it. In addition, I kept forgetting to take a photo every time I went back to Richmond! However, fortunately a long time reader and IGer of mine, crispylechon, actually took the photo for me! He joked (or I hope he was joking...) about almost getting hit by a car while snapping away. So thanks to crispylechon for this photo!

I always struggle when finding a restaurant during the 2:30pm-5:00pm period in Richmond. Usually it is because I do not want to visit a Chinese restaurant earlier than 6:00pm, and am not a big fan of Hong Kong style cafes or bubble tea food. Especially when I am really hungry. Furthermore, my last experience at a Hong Kong style cafe, ABC HK Cafe, was horrible, the absolute worst. So, after circling around for thirty minutes, my friend and I decided on Amigo because I was making her really mad with my indecisiveness. Plus, she has been interested in trying the restaurant for quite some time.

MILK TEA ($1.00) AND MILK ($1.00).
Hong Kong style cafes usually include a drink with the purchase of a set menu, and cold drinks are an additional $1.00 (or $2.00 for speciality drinks at other restaurants). My friend went for the milk tea which tastes pretty good, not watered down nor too sweet. As for myself, I went for the safe choice which was plain milk. 

Her set menu comes with a choice of soup along with a slice of toast. Although the lobster chowder tastes creamy, unfortunately it is also a bit too buttery (yes, it is possible!). However, there is surprisingly a lobster bisque taste. I did not expect a Hong Kong style cafe to actually use real lobster. But, it should make sense because La Amigo offers a few lobster dishes such as paella, steamed or sautéed.

Continuing to play it safe, I went for one of the cheapest items on the menu which is the grilled pork chop. Surprisingly, the pork chop has a nice caramelized taste and tastes very juicy. The pork chop is actually quite tender and tasty! As for the mushroom demi glaze, despite the overwhelming appearance, the sauce tastes very light and does not overwhelm the meat one bit. Usually I am not a fan of sauces especially when there is such a large amount, but it was not bad.

Our original plan was to order the wagyu along with the ribeye, but because I am a bit traumatized from ordering steaks at Hong Kong style cafes (ABC HK Cafe), she settled on the ribeye while I went for the pork chop. Boy did I screw up!

The ribeye tastes tender, not chewy at all, and is well marbled. This is one of the better ribeyes I ever had, including at higher end restaurants! The steak is grilled to a perfect medium rare with a nice crust, tastes amazingly juicy and has a flavourful pepper seasoning. Furthermore, there is absolutely no weird marinade that ruins the steak, which can sometimes happen at Hong Kong style cafes.

The housemade dessert resembles Sun Sui Wahs' mango pancake, minus the mango which is replaced with banana. The pancake skin is very smooth, delicate and slightly sweet. As for the filling, there is a good amount of freshly whipped cream which tastes fluffy, along with cuts of banana.

TOTAL: $37.25 + TIP $6.75 = $44.00.

Overall, this is the best Hong Kong style cafe I have ever been to! Honestly. From the food to the service, everything. Our waitress was extremely friendly and even suggested skipping on the wagyu, declaring the ribeye would be a lot better. Furthermore, the interior has plenty of seats along with booth seating against the wall, and is fairly clean.

- Good food
- Friendly staff
- Clean and spacious restaurant
- Best Hong Kong style cafe I have been to

- Lobster chowder tastes too creamy

Food: 3.5/5 (for a HK style cafe restaurant 4/5)
Service: 3/5

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  1. I was just kidding about almost getting hit by a car. Although it was a bit precarious taking a photo in the middle of the roadway. :)

    Thanks for posting your review of the ribeye. I usually order their popular African Cajun chicken whenever I dine there. Now I can try their ribeye when I get a craving for steaks.

    1. Thanks again for the photo! And yup, I remember you telling me about the cajun chicken, gotta try it :)



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