Friday, October 11, 2013

Five Guys Burgers & Fries : Downtown location

C'est la vie a Maggi asked if I wanted to dine with her and I thought it was pretty cool because it reassures me that people know my blog exists LOL. She basically let me choose where to go and I am indecisive when I am not craving for anything. So, I thought since I have been blogging about burgers, why not go to Five Guys? I have been to the South Surrey (not very good) and Park Royal (THE BEST) location and was not sure what to expect for Downtown's location.

Right when you open the door, Five Guys has an aroma of delicious burgers which I was expecting at Burger Heaven, but nope, not there. Five Guys is what it is, red and white checkered interior with quotations and acknowledgements from different media sources. C'est la vie a Maggi considers this arrogant while I think it is nothing special and is probably entertaining for people who eat as they read.

While waiting, customers can munch on peanuts or do the Asian thing and take them home LOL. I am pretty sure someone has done that before!

LITTLE CAJUN FRIES ($2.99) AND LITTLE BACON CHEESE BURGER (6.99). The fries are soggy and heavily seasoned with cajun without tasting salty. Of course I would have preferred crisp fries rather than soggy but hey, at least they are fresh? As for the sizes, the "little" size is more than enough and I would consider it as a size medium from other fast food restaurants. If I was to share the fries between two people, I think a regular is more than enough (assuming the other wants fries, if not, then stick with size little).

Like any regular person, we wanted to use the wrapper to eat the burger, however, because the fries tipped over in the bag, the wrapper was oily and if my hands are going to get greasy, I might as well enjoy myself and use my hands on the actual burger. For my toppings, I chose all the way which includes mayonnaise, lettuce, pickles, tomato, grilled onion, grilled mushroom, ketchup, mustard, relish, onions, jalapeno pepper, green pepper, steak sauce, barbecue sauce and hot sauce.

The sliced mushrooms as well as beef patty are somewhat warm but not hot, and everything else tastes like what it is. Processed cheese can be added for an additional $1.00 as well as bacon. The bacon tastes crispy, crunchy and very apparent in the burger. However, oddly enough I could not taste the beef patty, possibly due to having too much ingredients. Also, despite not liking processed cheese, I could not taste it much which is fine with me. As for C'est la vie a Maggi, she points out that it is silly having to pay an extra $1.00 for something you cannot taste. If anything,  I could not taste my jalapeño or green peppers because they were forgotten.
LITTLE FRIES ($2.99) AND BACON CHEESE BURGER ($8.99). The fries are lightly seasoned with pepper n' salt and again, are soggy. C'est la vie a Maggi's burger is all the way as well, with two beef patties.
This burger is from Park Royal's location which tastes a lot better and is served with a toasted bun. Overall I think the hype with Five Guys is all about fresh burgers, unlimited toppings (emphasize on unlimited toppings) and a generous portion of fries.

- Fresh burgers
- Real french fries (deep fried too early though)
- Generous portion of fries and not heavy on the salt
- Complimentary peanuts
- Unlimited toppings (somewhat included in the price)

- Downtown location is not very good compared to Park Royal's
- Fries were deep fried too soon considering it was not that busy
- Bun are not toasted

- Trash cans are not very conveniently placed
- Voted best burgers by Washingtonian Magazine Readers from 1999-2008 (back then there probably was not many fresh burger joints)
- Burgers are probably cheaper in the US and considered worth it for customers
- I did not let C'est la vie a Maggi order a hot dog because I thought it would be stupid LOL
- Fries are actually crispy and yummy at the Park Royal location
- Park Royal as well as other locations provide trays and would be nice if this location did as well

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 2.5/5

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