Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hog Shack Cook House

Hog Shack is a barbecue house at Steveson in Richmond. This is my third time coming here and my other two visits were meh. The both times I have been here I ordered the JOHNNY'S JURASSIC PLATTER which comes with ST. LOUIS SIDE RIBS, DINO RIBS, CHICKEN QUARTERS AND PULLED PORK. The platter is more than enough for two people and you will have left overs. This is coming from a girl who would attempt to finish it all alone too. But to be fair to myself, it's only because the barbecue sauce tastes the same and your taste buds get bored of the meats.

BF and I decided to have a late lunch and we came here on a weekday at 3:00pm.  The restaurant was dead and our waitress was friendly. The only reason we both decided to come back to Hog Shack is because Memphis was horrible. I do not remember Hog Shack being amazing and it always tasted average to me. There has to be a reason why we wanted to try Memphis right? Instead of getting the usual platter, we chose our meats and passed on the chicken and pulled pork.


SMOKED BEEF BRISKET PLATE, HOUSE SMOKED BEEF BRISKET, PILLED HIGH ($15.00). The beef brisket tastes tender and melts in your mouth but could have been slightly fattier, and more tender. I consider the beef brisket cut slightly too thick as well. The beef brisket has a smear of barbecue sauce that tastes smokey and rich, and I like that they do not add too much sauce. I would have preferred if they focus on the briskets natural taste and to make it more flavourful, rather than relying on the sauce. For the sides we chose the BAKED BEANS and POTATO WEDGES. The baked beans taste too watery, sweet, and has too much brown sugar. I think the baked beans have tasted better before and were never overly sweet or watery. The potato wedges do not have a slight crisp which is fine and are lightly seasoned, I like them. 

HOG SHACK DINOSAUR BONES, 2LB SMOKED BEEF RIBS ($22.00). The bones are pipping hot, the meat falls off the bone and melts in your mouth. The beef ribs taste the best out of the other two times I have been here. On my other visits, the meat has never fallen off the bone. Is it because we are here for lunch rather than dinner? For the sides we chose the SAUTEED VEGETABLES which comes with carrots, zucchini, mushrooms and beets. The vegetables are a bit too oily, the oilest we ever had here and are not overcooked. Oh yeah, the barbecue sauce tastes rich and smokey, and is the same sauce as the above.

HOG SHACK ST. LOUIS STYLE SIDE RIBS, PORK SIDE RIBS, MEATIER THAN THE BACK RIBS AND JUST AS TASTY ($17.00). We wanted to try the side ribs over baby back just to see how they make their side ribs. The side ribs look dry but are very juicy and tender. The best way for me to describe the difference between side ribs and beef ribs are that these taste a bit more stiff. The sides are again, the SAUTEED VEGETABLES which are less burnt than the ones with the beef ribs. The barbecue sauce is the same sauce as the other previous dishes, and I like that they do not add too much sauce. Hog Shack makes the side ribs work (but I think it is because we are here for lunch and not dinner).

We were also given some of our vegetables separately. See how much oil there is? I do not remember them ever being so oily, but meh.

This visit is our best experience at Hog Shack and I think coming here for lunch rather than dinner is a big part of that. Another reason why we enjoyed our visit more is because our last barbecue experience was at Memphis, and of course that experience made us appreciate Hog Shack. Anyways, I do not want to forget that there was a reason why I thought Hog Shack is just average, and why I was looking for a new barbecue house.

- Meats are properly done
- Friendly and attentive server (we were the only ones here, she could've sat and did her own thing but chose to stand)
- Bones come hot 

- Barbecue sauce makes everything taste the same and you get bored of it when you order the platter
- Seems like they rely on barbecue sauce, over making natural flavourful meats and providing customers the choice of using sauce
- Dinner may be a gamble.. I've had chewy ribs here before

- Better than Memphis
- Might be the best in Vancouver ( I do not mean that in a good way)

Food: 3/5
Service: 4/5

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