Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Cafe

Excuse my negativity, I always write what I think and have no filter. Thierry is most likely many peoples first time buying and trying macarons. I personally prefer Soirette over Thierry because I find Theirry's too sweet. The macarons here are larger but I am willing to sacrifice size for a better tasting macaron.

Aside from macarons, Thierry is known for their wide selection of chocolate, dessert, pastries and drinks. I think these are what Thierry is known for right? And sandwiches?

I personally think Thierry is a place to be seen, where girls order one dessert and nibble for an hour or so. If you like any of their desserts or think there is something to rave about, please let me know. I would love to try (no sarcasm).

Why am I here? BF is late for lunch and I thought since I am already in the area, I might as well write a post on Thierry. Around a year ago, I binged on macarons and ate a dozen a day. Eventually I got sick of them and have not touched any since then. That is when I thought to myself that I could start posting macarons from the worst to the best. Well that is not true, the worst macarons are at two locations in Granville Island (I forgot which stores but pretty much every place in Granville Island that sells macarons). Why are they the worst? Oh god they are crunchy, dry, hollow, shatter and turns into dust, seriously.

I have never tried anything other than macarons here before, so I ordered a LEMON TART, SWEET PASTRY AND LIGHT LEMON CURD (5.75), as well as a DOZEN OF MACARONS ($21.95).

PUMPKIN PEAR, VANILLA BEAN, EARL GREY AND MAPLE PECAN. I have always liked how they separate the different flavours of macarons, as well as the long shaped box.

LEMON TART, SWEET PASTRY AND LIGHT LEMON CURD ($5.75). The lemon tart has a semi caramelized brittle top, dusted with icing sugar and topped with a glazed strawberry. The lemon curd tastes very lemony, sour and smooth. I find the lemon tart too sweet and was thinking to myself, am I really sitting here eating this for a post? How sad, but I did want you to taste good. I am supposed to be having a tenderloin at Coast, not some lemon tart. The tart has a standard butter crust, tastes average and is properly made.

INDIVIDUAL $1.95, 7 PACK $13.45, 12 PACK $21.95

The macarons have a crack or two, give or take and I am not surprised at Thierry. A few years ago Thierry was a lot better, especially with their quality control but meh. I came in knowing what to expect, so no complaints. The macarons have a soft slight hardened crust with a chewy texture (not in a bad way) and a generous amount of filling. The VANILLA MACARON tastes sweet with a vanilla bean taste. The PUMPKIN PEAR MACARON tastes sweet with a generous hint of cinnamon and has a sweetened cooked pear in the middle which I thought was interesting.

The EARL GREY MACARON is probably my favourite out of all four. The macaron is not overly sweet and has a flavourful earl grey taste. The MAPLE PECAN MACARON is topped with pecan shavings and has a very strong maple taste. The macaron is sweet and understandable because of the maple flavouring.

- Macarons are sweet if you have a sweet tooth
- Larger sized macarons compared to other places
- Staff is friendly

- Macarons are too sweet and chewy IMO
- There are better macarons elsewhere (Soirette)
- Dessert is meh

- Cannot finish macarons? Keep them in the fridge, take them out and eat when they are in room temperature 

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 2.5/5

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