Monday, November 25, 2013

Malay Curry House 馬拉星

Malay Curry House is the only Malaysian cuisine restaurant on Kingsway. After reading a few reviews, the restaurant seemed worthy to visit.

The restaurant's interior resembles a small bubble tea joint and has four tables for two, and four tables for four. I appreciate that the restaurant is quite spacious (even though it is smaller restaurant) and they do not try to squeeze a few extra tables in.


The only drinks available are cold water and this one drink. This drink is only $0.50 and has a lemon with powdery orange taste (we did not like it).

MALAYSIAN ROTI WITH CURRY SAUCE ($3.50). The roti tastes crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, tasting like a roti should. The curry sauce has a nice, flavourful, and delicious curry taste with bits of peanuts. The roti is definitely a safe and recommended dish to order.

BONELESS HAINAN CHICKEN, INCLUDES TWO KINDS OF SAUCE (GARLIC VINEGAR WITH SPICY SAUCE, AND GREEN ONION GINGER), AND SOUP ($13.00). The chicken has a rich, flavourful, and strong hainan taste - definitely one of the better hainan chickens I have had. The part of the chicken served is close to the thigh and tastes very tender. The accompanying sides are diced pickled carrots, daikon, and canned pineapple. The soup included has a light pork and hairy melon broth taste.

HOUSE SPECIAL LAMB CURRY ($10.00) AND STEAMED RICE ($1.00). Having a few options of curry, we asked the waitress what she recommend, and the house special it was. The curry has six slices of lamb, and three slices of potato which taste firm. The house special curry has a slight mild settled spiciness but tastes watered down and oily, rather than tasting rich and thick. The lamb tastes a bit gamey, somewhat tender but slightly chewy, and has a strong enjoyable lamb taste. The only issue is that the curry tastes a bit odd because it does not taste like curry and tastes more like a watered down stew, not very enjoyable.

BEEF, LAMB, AND CHICKEN SATAY ($8.00/6 PIECES). Starting with the beef satay, the beef tastes average, has a barley there light marinade taste, tastes somewhat tender, and not too chewy. Next, the lamb satay tastes very dry, tough, slightly tastier than the beef but tasted the worst (due to the dryness). For the chicken, the chicken tastes tender and has a curry spice taste rather than a marinate, these were definitely the best out of the bunch. The accompanying sauce has a coconut flake curry oil base which tasted pretty good.

SZECHUAN BEEF BRISKET POT ($11.50). The clay pot has red chilli peppers, white onions, tofu puffs, beef brisket, and sliced fish cake. The szechuan broth has a settled medium spiciness but tastes watered down. The consistency of the broth is too watery and tastes bland. For the beef brisket, it tastes a bit chewy, dry, and not flavourful.

BAH-KUT-T, HERBAL PORK RIB SOUP ($8.95). The soup has a prawn, dry shrimp, and chinese mushroom broth taste with a hint of sweetness. Some of the ingredients in the soup are wolf berries, one clove of garlic, cilantro, two sliced chinese mushrooms, four tofu puffs, and some spareribs. The spareribs taste tender and the ingredients taste like what it is. If anything, the broth could have tasted more flavourful and not too sweet.

COCONUT CREAM RICE ($2.00). The rice has a semi flavourful coconut flake taste.

- Roti and hainan chicken tastes good
- Spacious and comfortable restaurant

- Only the roti and hainan chicken tastes good
- Only one one drink available (umm.. at least it's only $0.50?)
- Satays are not tasty (or the hot pot, or the curry)

- All the dishes came out within 15-20 minutes, kind of fast...
- Not really worth the visit unless you're in the area IMO
- Service is like a BBT cafe (you wave at the waitress but she stays behind the counter and you yell what you need?)
- We packed the leftovers which was practically everything untouched because we did not want to seem rude, some of the dishes do not taste good at all
- Not to sound like a jerk but the dinner was a waste of money

Food: 1.5/5 (roti and hainan chicken 2.5/5)
Service: 2.5/5

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