Sunday, November 24, 2013

Red Robin : Burnaby location

The only reason I am here, to collect BIRTHDAY BURGERS! For those who sign up for Red Robin's subscription, you recieve a coupon for a free burger to use a week before or after your birthday. Obviously I signed up before my birthday, who would not (actually many people..)? Since I have the fortunate opportunity to dine out everyday, my original plan was to sign up for discounted or free meals at a few restaurants and to share the discounts. However, due to my laziness (plus I was sick on my birthday week), I never got the chance to claim anything except for Red Robin's burgers. The good news is, BF and I's birthday are close to each others and we claimed both our birthday burgers at the same time, bonus.

Red Robin is a family friendly chain restaurant known for their burgers and bottomless fries. The restaurant is very spacious and the clientele pretty much runs from seniors to adults, university to high school students, and families. After waiting fifteen minutes at the foyer, a hostess shows up but was occupied and the waitress following her said, "she has a system, I don't want to seat you guys and have her move you after." I was a bit surprised hearing that, has that happened? I never had or heard of any table having to move after being seated due to a hostess's preference (especially if the restaurant was empty).

Red Robin is the only family friendly restaurant (I know of) that provides individually wrapped crayons and I like that children can take them home after. The downside, if children do not take them home, it is pretty much garbage for the restaurant and not re-used which is a wasteful.


ULTIMATE CAESAR ($7.45). The caesar tastes watered down as well as bland, and is pretty much a watered down tasting caesar. Not very ultimate eh? At least this is not the worst tasting caesar I ever had, the worst would be Horizon's which tasted watered down plus warm. R'Rs BUZZARD WINGS, MEATY CHICKEN WINGS BASTED WITH A FIERY CAYENNE PEPPER SAUCE (SURE TO FAN THE FLAMES OF YOUR DESIRE)! CHILLED CELERY AND BLEU CHEESE DRESSING HELP KEEP THINGS COOL ($10.99). The chicken wings have a slight crispy exterior with a hint of spiciness and sweetness. The wings are not juicy or too dry and tastes a bit salty. With a description of the wings like Red Robin's, one can assume the wings would taste spicy or medium spicy, rather than having only a hint of spiciness.

BANZAI BURGER, MARINATED TERIYAKI AND TOPPED WITH GRILLED PINEAPPLE, CHEDDAR CHEESE, CRISP LETTUCE, TOMATOES, AND MAYO ($11.49). The sesame buns are nicely toasted with a slight crispiness and the burger tastes juicy. The taste of shredded lettuce, tomato, pineapple, cheddar cheese and mayonnaise is apparent, without one ingredient overwhelming another. Also, the burger does not taste overly greasy, saucy, damp or sweet which has happened before (usually the teriyaki sauce tastes too sweet and overwhelming). The banzai burger is one of my favourites and the only burger I order. This is probably the best banzai burger I ever had out of my twenty times having it (probably because the dressing was very light).

SAUTEED 'SHROOM BURGER, A MUSHROOM LOVER'S DREAM COME TRUE! LOADED WITH FRESH, PLUMP, SAUTEED MUSHROOMS, A HINT OF GARLIC PARMESAN SPREAD AND TOPPED WITH MELTED SWISS FOR THAT EXTRA YUMM ($10.99) + FRIED EGG ($0.99)  + GRAVY ($1.29). Now this is a mushroom burger! The burger has a generous amount of sautéed mushrooms, however, the fried egg on the bottom does make the burger look larger than usual. The burger has more of a mushroom taste than egg (although there is an aftertaste of the fried egg) and the taste of the swiss cheese as well as garlic parmesan spread is missing.

The fries are perfectly crisp and a bit heavy on the seasoning salt but enjoyable.

- One of the better visits, no complaints with the burgers
- Bottomless fries, despite that one order is more than enough
- Birthday burgers!

- Service has been better (ordered a coke and heard the sound of ice from the bar, but never got the coke until twenty minutes later)
- Restaurant could be cleaner with properly wiped tables and chairs
- Caesar tastes like water

- Sign up for a free birthday burger
- I always expect better service at a chain restaurant. Usually the waitstaff is well trained and "fake" customer service. What kind of chain restaurant does not provide wet naps if you order chicken wings?

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 2.5/5

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