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Onyx Steakhouse and Lounge : Port Moody location

"Our certified premium black angus signature reserve steaks are seasoned with our signature onyx rub and are a minimum of 40 day dry aged." Since the end of June I have visited the following steakhouses, Keg Coquitlam, Gotham, Chop, Hy's, Keg Burnaby, Joe Fortes and Little Billy's Steak House (uhhh does Hawkworth's $125.00 crappy steak count even though the restaurant is not a steakhouse?). With the idea of visiting every steakhouse, the next restaurant on the list was Onyx. Onyx is located in Port Moody and the restaurant's location somewhat resembles a mini neighbourhood with high rise apartments and a variety of stores.

Coming on a weeknight at 8:00pm, the restaurant was quite empty with only one seated table. Although I assumed that the restaurant would be empty, I still made reservations through OpenTable for 100 points. When entering the restaurant, I was surprised to see an electric fire place in the foyer. For those looking for a job as a host, this is the restaurant to choose! Speaking of host, we waited seven to ten minutes until the cook said, "there's people at the door" which got his attention. The host was friendly as well as informative and asked if this was our first visit, also mentioning that Onyx started a new menu since last Tuesday (although I was a bit confused since I remember looking at their menu a month ago and it was the same). The restaurant has two floors and reservations are definitely recommend, the seating arrangements on the first floor look cramped. Plus, booth seats are probably the most comfortable and spacious option.

After reading quite a few mixed reviews, I was hesitant on bringing BF here since he is against the whole "trying new restaurants", especially if most reviews are not good. However, I persuaded him to try Onyx because of a free coupon from their subscription for a free entree up to $20.00.



The rolls are served warm, toasted with a slight crisp exterior and the crumb tastes soft as well as pillowy. The white roll has a slight herb taste and the brown roll has a slight raisin taste, both rolls are enjoyable.

ONYX TUNA TACOS, TOGARASHI SEARED ALBACORE TUNA, CRISP PAPPADUMS, ASIAN CARROT MANGO SLAW, CHILLI GINGER VINAIGRETTE ($12.45). The tuna tacos have a generous amount of shredded lettuce and a decent amount of sliced carrot, cucumber and daikon, but why so stingy on the mango? The tacos taste dry as well as bland, was the purpose to have a light and refreshing taste to highlight the tuna? The taste of tuna is lost in the crunchy pappadum and shredded lettuce. Comparing to another post, EWRL's tuna tacos look definitely a lot better, and the way it should be - a light bedding of shredded lettuce, an above decent amount of mango pieces and surprisingly two slices of tuna. We only had one slice of tuna which was diced, odd. Maybe it was a really slow night and they wanted to cut down on costs?

I think this is the first restaurant that I have been to that serves diced tuna in tacos, with the exception of Cactus Club but they use soft shells. The tacos taste more like a tuna salad rather than a tuna taco.

 We originally wanted to order wings and asked for hot wings, the server repeated "hot wings" and I wanted to write down the menu description. After reading the menu, I noticed that hot wings are not even available. Neither of us prefer panko crusted wings and was not sure if the kitchen was making hot wings (since the server repeated that), or panko crusted wings. Looking for our server before the order is made, we double checked with him and he mentioned that they only have panko crusted wings. That is when we cancelled the order to get calamari (this is the point when the server got annoyed, sorry!). The calamari tastes slightly over deep fried, somewhat chewy and more crunchy than crispy. However, I like that new oil was used? The accompanying tzatziki has a light yogurt and tangy taste. 

The description of the filet mignon is written on the menu, "if you like lean and tender, this steak is for you" which is nice for those who are unfamiliar with the cut. The filet is slightly more rare than medium rare which I prefer and tastes tender, despite not having that nice slight crispy exterior. However, the dry rub does not have that tasty steak seasoning and is probably one of the worst ones that I have tried (personal preference). Although the steak does taste more tender than Joe Forte'sJF's seasoning tastes really good and a lot better. For the side, the onion ring is what it is and could have used some seasoning or salt. Also, I prefer panko battered onion rings (just saying since it is available for the wings!). And last, the creamy horseradish tastes creamy but does not have that nice kick in horseradish, again, possibly personal preference.

16oz CANADIAN PRIME BONE IN RIB STEAK, GARNISHED WITH AN ONION RING, AND PORT DEMI GLACE ($37.95). The description for the rib eye, "hands down our biggest most flavourful well marbled steak." The steak is cooked to a medium rare as requested, however, does not taste juicy or flavourful and tastes somewhat tender but slightly chewy. For a $38.00 steak there are a lot better options and honest to truth, the rib eye tastes like a $12.00 steak from Denny's. The port demi glace has a slight sweet winey taste and we like it.


I was a bit surprised when the server mentioned that one side is not enough for one person. Imo, the sides are very generous, large and perfect for more than one. The mushrooms duo has small mushrooms and diced portobello mushrooms sautéed in butter, although generic and nothing special, I cannot complain since I paid $8.95 for steamed broccoli at Gotham. Next, the bacon creamed corn tastes heavy, creamy and the cut pieces of bacon tastes slightly salty with the usual bacon taste. Despite sounding like a spoon of heaven, I felt like I needed a break from the creamed corn after two bites, it tasted too heavy.

- Prettyyyy good bread rolls
- Informative host and server

- Steaks are not juicy or flavourful
- I would not come back even with another $20.00 coupon
- Steaks are comparable to Dockside, Sandbar, and Horizon

- 100 OpenTable points
- Maybe the White Rock location is better?
- I rather go to The Keg or Little Billy's Steak House which is fifteen minutes away. Little Billy's calamari tastes better and their rib steak tastes only average, but still better than Onyx's
- I have no problem tipping 20% or more if the meal does not taste good since it is never the severs fault (read my Boathouse post here). However, I do find it somewhat odd when the server came back saying that he did not have change and gave us ten dollar bills. Almost every restaurant has petty cash laying around, or maybe it was really that slow of a night? The tip was actually going to be 20% but the feeling of hearing him say there was no change made me iffy, so we left 15%

Food: 2/5
Service: 3.5/5

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  1. Oynx @ white rock is about the same, the keg ftw!

  2. Onyx at white rock is WAY better!

    1. Meh… not worth trying since I have already tried this location. Rather go somewhere that is reliable



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