Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wang Ga Ma

Wang Ga Ma is located in Korea Town at the Hainan Plaza in Burquitlam. The restaurant was actually a first choice on the night I visited Toe Dam Korean (which is located at the Hainan Plaza as well), but I passed because Wang Ga Ma does not serve BBQ meat dishes. I have mentioned before on my first Korean restaurant post (Jang Mo Jib) that I am not a fan of Korean cuisine, other than their BBQ meat dishes. However, lately I have been craving for Korean food. Is it because I am used to eating Korean food, or that I am having too much Chinese food? Either way, on a cold and dark evening, Wang Ga Ma sounded good for some soup.

The menu is quite limited compared to other Korean restaurants, which gives the impression that any dish will taste good because the restaurant chooses to specialize in only a few dishes. When entering the restaurant, the staff is extremely friendly, greets you in Korean, and continues speaking Korean when letting you pick any seat you want. Wang Ga Ma has a welcoming homestyle vibe, and only booth seating options.

The pieces of kimchi are huge and scissors are provided to cut them into smaller pieces. To start, the kimchi radish tastes crunchy, has a nice spiciness and a mild sweet taste. However, the only taste of spininess is on the outside of the radish for a brief half second and the remainder of the piece tastes sweet. As for the kimchi cabbage, it tastes bland and has a slight kimchi sweet taste. Unfortunately the kimchi has not been fermented long enough, but oh well (to be fair, they might just serve the unfermented kind of kimchi).

BEEF RIB STEW ($17.95).
The beef ribs taste slightly sweet, very tender, and tasty. These are the most tender beef ribs I have ever had thus far at any Korean restaurant (compared to Jong Ga and Sura's chewy tasting ones). The only issue however, is that half the beef ribs taste cold because the dish was sitting out for too long before being served. Despite the use of a hot plate…

The pork belly is sliced in medium thick pieces and tastes rich, fatty, as well as tender (including the lean portion). As for the accompaniments, the sliced radish kimchi tastes more sweet than spicy and could have tasted spicier. Furthermore, there is saeujeot which provides a hint of spiciness as well as saltiness, and ssamjang.

The soup is served boiling hot and the broth tastes rich, flavourful, as well as clear. Salt is also provided on every table for people to adjust the sodium level to their own preference. As for the meat, there are three medium sized pieces and the oxtail tastes tender. Furthermore, there are a couple of red dates which also taste soft enough to eat (this is a first for me at Korean restaurant I have been to). This is the best oxtail soup overall that I have ever had at a Korean restaurant (compared to Hanok and Jong Ga's) and is very decently priced.

Included with every purchase of soup is a  stone pot rice. The stone pot is extremely hot and the rice stays hot hot hot throughout the whole dinner. I like that there are peas in the rice to make it look less white too lol. We also ordered a bowl of rice on the side because my friend does not like stone pot rice (weird eh?).

- Friendly staff
- Above average eats
- Homestyle cooked food
- Tender and tasty braised beef ribs

- No BBQ meat

- One of the better Korean restaurants
- Beef stew tastes better than Sura and Jong Ga's
- Oxtail soup tastes better than Hanok and Jong Ga's
- Half orders for beef stew and bossam are available

Food: 3/5
Service: 2.5/5

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