Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Earnest Ice Cream

Before parting ways with C'est la vie a Maggi, she urged me to try Earnest Ice Cream and to get it over with. As for her, she finds the shop overhyped and was firm on not ordering from here again. And from what I have heard, sometimes there are lineups up to an hour long! Although fortunately, we waited only a mere five minutes. 

Earnest Ice Cream focuses on local and sustainable flavours which is similar to Rain or Shine, a newer ice cream shop that popped up in Kitsilano. In addition, vegan flavours are available as well. And for those who really love the flavours here, Earnest has a fridge full of pints at the back of the shop.

As for the prices, they are slightly higher when compared to Rain or Shines'. Single $5.00, double $7.00, pint $11.00. However, waffle cones do not cost extra. As for the flavours of ice cream, vegan lemon, salted caramel, whiskey hazelnut, spruce bud, cardamon, london fog, rhubarb oat crumble, cafe au lait and 33 acres of malt was available.

The london fog tastes very creamy as well as rich, and has a heavier taste of earl grey when compared to Rain or Shines'. As for the whiskey hazelnut, the ice cream tastes smooth, creamy as well as rich like the london fog, and has plenty cuts of hazelnut. Actually, I really like the generous amount of hazelnut which provides a nice crunch. In every bite.

TOTAL: 7.00.

Overall I enjoyed the flavours and found nothing too sweet. But, I will never line up longer than twenty minutes at Earnest, although I will revisit whenever I am in the area. And to compare, I prefer Earnest Ice Cream more than Rain or Shines' because the texture is harder and the taste is more rich.

- Friendly staff
- Quality ice cream

- When the line up is long
- On the pricier side due to the use of real ingredients

Food: 3/5
Service: N/A

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