Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Swiss Bakery

Swiss Bakery is a cafe that caters to the neighbourhood and is known for their cronuts, which they call frissant. A frissant is a croissant-donut hybrid and is Swiss Bakery's version of the cronut. Asides from the frissants, the bakery offers plenty of pastries, bread, cookies and dessert. In addition, sandwiches, soup, coffee, tea and cafe goodies are available as well, which most people grabbed on their way out.

CREAM PUFF ($2.50).
The swan cream puff tastes light as well as flaky, and has a crisp bottom. In addition, the whipped cream tastes fresh.

Rather than eating the frissant like a donut, we ripped them horizontally in halves for less mess. The exterior tastes crisp like a churro and has lots of cinnamon sugar. Furthermore, the frissant has plenty of flaky layers and tastes quite good.

As for the filling, the cream tastes light, smooth and not overly sweet. If anything, we did not get much of a salted caramel taste and the chocolate on top tastes more chocolatey than like caramel. In addition, the "salted" part probably comes from a bit of sea salt on top. However to be honest, I enjoyed the frissant on its own and did not care for the "salted caramel".

PRETZEL ($1.55).

The laugenbrezel is a German pretzel that tastes crispy with a soft as well as chewy crumb, and resembles the texture of a bagel. However, this one tastes really hard. Hard as in after finishing, your jaw will be sore. My friend compared the taste to chewy overcooked abalone and having had that once at a restaurant (Yan's Garden), it is a bad comparison since the pretzel tastes more chewy. The pretzel just tastes too stiff as well as hard, and resembles stale baked goodies (which may not be the case).

TOTAL: $ 12.60 + TIP $2.40 = 15.00.

Overall, I would come back if a friend wanted to try the frissant, or if I was in the area and wanted to grab some munchies. But, I would choose their desserts over bread.

- Properly made frissants

- Pretzel was not so great
- Was hard to find parking in our case

- After having pastries for breakfast, we crossed the street and headed to Nuba Cafe

Food: 2.5/5 (frissant 4/5)
Service: N/A

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