Sunday, October 6, 2013

Burger Heaven

I have been craving for burgers lately and Big River Restaurant's did not help at all. 

Best burgers in town? Possibly, in new New West. Burger Heaven is a bit small and has a very slight stinky smell. I thought the restaurant would smell like burgers LOL and be bright with cheerful employees. I took these photos as we were leaving around 9:00pm tonight and when we came around 7:00pm, the restaurant was packed! The restaurant seemed under staffed with uncleared tables, a long line up and nothing but busyness. 


HOT CHICKEN WINGS 1LB ($10.29). The wings are soggy and resembles a microwaved taste as well as texture (of course the wings are not microwaved though). What I assume is that the wings are deep fried, tossed in cold hot sauce and then heated with the sauce, compared to the usual and "proper" method of the wings tossed in heated sauce (not cold sauce then heated). The wings do not taste dry or juicy and the sauce has the typical spicy buffalo taste, minus the vinegar and spiciness. These are probably the second worst wings I ever had, the absolute worst would be Big River Restaurant's. Even Tom & Jerry's has better tasting wings. In the restaurant's defence, not many people probably order wings and we were the only ones tonight.

I chose the multigrain bun which surprisingly compliments the burger. Although lean beef is less fattening and a healthier alternative, it also caused the patty to dry up too fast. The burger does not taste juicy or flavourful and some seasoning could have helped, however, that is what condiments are for right? Having two beef patties makes the burger taste overly dry and a single patty would have tasted better. The bacon tastes soft with a slight crisp and the mushrooms as well as the taste of mozzarella is very apparent.

INSANITY BURGER, SWISS CHEESE, BACON, BEEF PATTY BETWEEN TWO GRILLED CHEESE WITH LETTUCE, TOMATO AND RED ONIONS  ($16.14) + FRIED EGG ($1.99) + HOT GRAVY ($2.09). BFs burger tastes a lot better and less dry, since there is only one beef patty. Despite the nice presentation with a candle under the gravy to keep it warm, the gravy tastes like pre-made packaged gravy and sightly too salty. For the potato wedges, they have a nice crisp exterior, perfectly cooked.

- Freshly made burgers
- Free drink refills
- Friendly staff although hard to get service

- Takes around thirty minutes for food (but hey, it's fresh)
- Limited meter parking
- Restaurant has a funky smell
- Short staffed (not a big deal if you are not hungry)
- Not the best or tastiest burgers and could taste more juicy

- Wahh my tomato dropped
- Lots of vegetarian and four or eight patty burger options
- Gave us pennies for change, still using pennies?
- Burger Heaven is nothing special, not the best or worst and I just had higher expectations, like a juicy burger kind of thing

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 2.5/5

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