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Venice Garden Seafood Restaurant 海皇美食 (2nd visit)



I procrastinated with this post because I think it is nothing special and just meh, one of those restaurants where posting it again is kind of pointless. I mentioned in my previous visit that I would most likely come back for their congee because it's tasty, and the only reason I was put off by Venice Garden was because the last dish took over an hour to come (and the manager is ehhh). Since I had the option of choosing any late night Chinese restaurant, I chose here and wanted the free congee with $30.00 purchase LOL (hey, it's tasty too okay!). The service is pretty casual, you walk in, get seated, are given menus and you wave a waitress down when you need them.


PEA TIPS WITH BROTH ($7.50). The pea tips are not over or undercooked and the broth has a tasty chicken garlic taste without tasting salty. For the vegetable with broth dishes, I find that you cannot really go wrong unless there is dirt or if the broth tastes too salty. Plus, they are a healthier alternative to sautéed vegetables and are tastier than boiled or steamed vegetables. I personally prefer boiled or steamed natural tasting vegetables but once in a while it's nice to have flavour.

BEEF WITH BITTER MELON ($6.50). The bitter melon does not taste fresh and the black bean sauce has an awkward sour taste. I am not sure why the sauce tastes sour and it is not appetizing. The beef tastes a bit tender from the meat tenderizer but is sliced too thin.

OYSTER IN SCRAMBLED EGG ($6.50).  The scrambled egg tastes oily and stiff, and has green onions and diced canned oysters. I noticed that a lot of things BF orders I have never or thought to try in my life. Is it a Cantonese thing? I mean, I think it is weird for someone to order eggs at a Chinese restaurant. Unless it is something cool like the steamed egg dish at Fortune City.

PRESERVED EGG AND SLICED FISH CONGEE ($6.50). The congee tastes creamy, smooth and flavourful without tasting salty. The preserved eggs could have been sliced a bit nicer instead of cut in random huge chunks, and the fish slices are perfectly cooked and melts in your mouth. To be fair, usually fish slices are never overcooked and melts in my mouth. Is it weird that I have to justify myself in case I make something sound extremely awesome and I have to let you know it wasn't? This is around the same time when I wondered where the free congee was.... :(. BF always says, "someone gives you an apple and you want the whole apple tree"... uh that is only because I came specifically for a free congee.. and the yumminess. Obviously I was in a congee mood considering how I ordered the fish congee and expected another huge bowl of congee.

PRAWN WITH CHILLI SALT ($6.50). This is when I realized that I may have forgotten to turn off the gas stove when I was making soup (btw it was ginseng soup and it was turned off) and we took the rest to go. The prawns are nicely deep fried and have a slight crisp, with the usual chilli salt seasoning taste. The prawns also seem a bit smaller this time and looks sort of like deep fried shrimp instead.

LOBSTER AND CRAB IN GINGER AND GREEN ONION SAUCE SPECIAL ($19.99). The special comes with a chicken lobster (1lb) and 1 1/2lb crab, both missing claws. The lobster and crab pieces are lightly battered but a bit over deep fried (like last time). The sauce tastes flavourful without tasting salty, and has a green onion and ginger taste. The lobster tastes tender because it is a chicken lobster, and the crab is what it is. 

FRESH OYSTERS ($2.00/EACH). We microwaved the oysters and they tasted fresh, not overcooked and tasty with the garlic and green onions. I am surprised Venice Garden still carries oysters.

- Wow they have fresh oysters? Many restaurants stopped carrying them in the beginning of October.. actually even in September!
- Lobster and crab special is only $19.99!
- Can be average eats (you don't go in complaining about a late night Chinese restaurant)

- Dirty seats if that matters
- Dishes are meh or average, I think their deep fried foods may be better

- First post on Venice Garden [here]
- Complimentary congee only applies to the regular menu and not the late night. But didn't we order from the late night menu last time?
- Yeahhhh I came for the free congee LOL. So if the food and service is equal or worse than Rose Garden, I rather go to Rose Garden (food tastes better)
- Service is better this time because the manager wasn't there

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 2.5/5

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