Friday, October 11, 2013

Outpost Mini Donut Co.

Before heading to Hog Shack, we decided to stop by for some donuts! Outpost Mini Donut Co. is an adorable little donut shop in Steveston. The shop sells mini donuts like the ones from PNE and offers a variety of icing flavours. 

This photo frame is literally PERFECT, right?! I swear, the next people who make photo frames of this place are probably going to copy me LOL.

Outpost Mini only sells donuts and drinks such as coffee, hot chocolate and tea.

1/2 DOZEN $4.95, 1 DOZEN $6.95, BOX $0.40.


I must have been so annoying when I was taking these photos (hey, I did apologize) but this is pretttttty cool. I want to buy this machine in the future when I have my family of five, well seven including him and I.

The donut shop provides a place to lounge and has homey decor. However, I would not feel comfortable since it seems like the lounge is only for employees and friends, or regular customers. Of course I am pretty sure any customer is more than welcome to sit here though.

I did not know boxes cost $0.40 until BF mentioned it later. You would think if a company charges for boxes (and it is not only like $0.10), the box would be more suitable for the goods. Why not use rectangular boxes? The donuts get stuck together because of the icing and certain people (me) hate that.

The donuts taste fresh and the icings are not overly sweet. Every icing tastes like what it should be and the blueberry tastes like yogurt from a grocery store (which I did not like much). If anything, the donuts are moist on the inside but the outside is a bit soggy.

On their website, they have a photo of these donuts. I wish the shop offered the same or similar mini donuts because it would not matter if these are cramped in a box. With that amount of sprinkles, the icing would not smudge.

EDIT: I thought the photo above was their own original photo, but after looking at some mini donut recipes, I came across Nana June's blog.

Yeah, not cool. No wonder sprinkled donuts were not available.

- Fresh donuts
- Not overly sweet
- Only place I know of that offers mini donuts with icing
- They count by the baking measurement so a dozen is 13 instead of 12

- The square sized box
- Only difference between these and the ones at PNE are the icing options available
- Ehh... throws me off when someone uses someone else's photo without crediting

- The donuts are good but it is more of a one time thing for me (unless I was craving them or in the area)

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 2.5/5

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