Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bubble Queen

Bubble Queen is located in Richmond and is known for serving fresh mango drinks and chocolate slushes (such as Ferrero Roche and Kit Kat). The bubble tea joint has less than fifteen seats available and the tables were quite dirty (spilled drinks and garbage left). Considering there was only one family ordering, the slow period and two staff members at the front, it would have been nice if the place was a bit more clean (although I probably forget how bubble joints are considering I do not visit frequently them anymore).

Sticking to a favourite drink of mine, I went with the fresh mango juice. I originally wanted to add mango mochi or fresh fruit but at the last minute, chose not to (which sort of defeats the purpose of coming here eh?). The mangos are freshly sliced but unfortunately, were not ripe! Really? What bad luck considering the dozens of mangos available. Asides from the unripe mango, I was not too happy when syrup was added to the drink since it is a "fresh mango juice" rather than a slushy or milk shake. As for the watermelon juice, no complaints. The watermelon juice tastes naturally sweet and pretty good. Also, the pearls taste perfectly cooked, not starchy, powdery, or too sweet.

The bubble waffle tastes crisp, not soggy, and has a light matcha taste. As for the mochi, it tastes soft as well as chewy and pretty good. The last time I had bubble waffles were at the night market and despite those never tasting that good, it always seems like a must have to munch on when walking around. So, it is nice to have better tasting bubble waffles for a change.

TOTAL: $15.95.

Overall, I would not come back because Bubble Queen is not suitable for me. If I want consistenly tasty fresh juice, I will go to Juice 8 at Aberdeen Centre. However for those who have a sweet tooth and love chocolate milkshakes, this is the place (that I know of) to go.

- Large variety of chocolate bar milkshakes and slushes
- Perfectly cooked pearls (in our case)

- Pricey
- Not the place for those who want just fresh juice

- For a bubble tea joint that deals with mango every day, how can they not know when one is not ripe?

Food: 2.5/5 (mango juiee 2/5)
Service: N/A

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