Monday, April 14, 2014

Cartems Donuterie

Continuing with C'est la vie Maggi and I's food date, we walked across the street from Finch's Tea and Coffee to grab some donuts. I have been wanting to try Cartems Donuterie for a while and was secretly quite happy when Maggi agreed. Cartems Donuterie seems to be the go to place for donuts and in my opinion, is a lot better than Forty Ninth Parallel, food and service wise. The donut shop has a high ceiling and an industrial look with bricked walls, polished wooden floors as well as tables, stools and wood stump seating.

Although the donut shop has less than ten seats, the interior is quite spacious and should not be too cramped if there is a long line up. As for the prices, the donuts are priced at $3.00/each, $15.00/half a dozen and $30.00/dozen. We tried picking out half a dozen but both agreed it was not worth the price since only three of the flavours stood out to us.

EARL GREY ($3.00). 
Starting with the mildest flavour out of the bunch is the earl grey which tastes moist as well as dense, in a good way. The donut does not taste too sweet which we both prefer and rather than an earl grey tea taste throughout the whole donut, there is only an aftertaste which is fine for us. As for the presentation, the rose petals look pretty and are edible as well. 

Continuing to a savoury donut is the whiskey bacon which tastes moist with a burnt (in a good way) and slightly maple taste. As for the bacon, the crisp pieces are quite tasty and the taste of bacon is apparent throughout the donut.

The donut tastes soft and the generous amount of housemade whipped cream with vanilla bean is quite tasty. As for the earl grey glaze, the taste is very subtle and not too sweet, so the white chocolate ganache definitely stood out. Being a fan of whipped cream and white chocolate, I obviously like the london fog stuffy.

Later on, Maggi ran into a friend and asked to snap some photos of their donuts! Funny thing is, taste is so selective and these three donuts were not our first choice. Also, our three donuts would never be her friends' choice either. From the top, Raised Salted Caramel, Cinnamon Brûlée and The Dark Night.

TOTAL: $9.00 + TIP $1.00 = $10.00

Overall, I enjoyed the donuts as neither of them taste dry or overly sweet. As for Maggi, she finds them only average and nothing special… but that is probably because she has never tried Forty Ninth Parallel's

- Friendly clerk (in our case)
- Spacious interior
- Moist and not overly sweet donuts


- For those who want a "tastier" or more "flavourful" donut
- Priciey side


- C'est la vie Maggi's post [here]
- I would come back for the exact same donuts and to try other flavours too
- Sooo much better than Forty Ninth Parallel's donuts!

Food: 3/5
Service: N/A

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