Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Shanghai Shanghai 上海上海南翔小籠

Continuing with my interest in trying a few food stalls at Aberdeen Centre, Shanghai Shanghai was my next choice after Yougo Chicken. I pretty much went for the usual and obvious, pan fried buns as well as the xiao long bao. When visiting a food stall, I try to sample only a few dishes just in case, well… none tastes good.

The xiao long bao looks… ugly and not fluffy, although to be fair, does not matter since you can see the juiciness from the exterior. Usually I like to take a small bite and to snap a photo of the juiciness but because the XLBs are not kept on the bamboo steamer, they got cold fast and dried up a bit. As for the pork, the meat tastes gritty, slightly stiff as well as chewy and not very good, some more fatty pork could have been used. These are actually quite a disappointment and tastes below average, despite having a thin layer of skin (which dries up and tastes hard when not eaten right away).

JUICY PAN FRIED PORK BUNS ($5.75). Oh man, these taste so much better. 10x better. The pan fried buns have a nice crisp bottom without too much grease and the pork tastes smooth, juicy and quite tasty, with a good amount of fatty pork mixed in. These are definitely a must order for those who want to grab a snack!

TOTAL: $11.80.

- Pan fried pork dumplings are pretty good

- XLBs are not that great

- Not sure if I would revisit to try something new

Food: 2/5 (XLB), 3/5 (Pan fried dumplings)
Service: N/A

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